Special invitation: an easier way to invest in real estate

Imagine if this was your real estate deal…

  1. The bird dog brings you the potential short sale property with massive potential.
  2. Expert negotiators work with banks to get the short sale approved – totally done for you.
  3. The transaction is funded by someone else’s money.
  4. The real estate agent then sells the property on your behalf.
  5. You cash the check.

How simple is that?

Well this is exactly what one of my students in South Florida recently did using my completely automated and proven system to make $5,000 - $100,000 or more per month in real estate… hands-off, without money, credit or any previous experience.

I have more than 76 recent deals just like this one I’d like to show you.

Join me on a special webinar training this Thursday night where I’ll reveal how my experienced team and I will even do the work to help you find, negotiation, fund and flip the deals – then YOU and I split the profits.

The training call is Thursday, Sept. 23 at:

8:30 PM Eastern
7:30 PM Central
6:30 PM Mountain
5:30 PM Pacific

Register for the call here: www.webinarswithsrec.com

Here’s just some of what you can expect to learn on Thursday’s training call:

  • How you can make $5,000 in the next 30 days, and start making up to $100,000 or more per month in real estate without using your own money, credit and with no previous experience.
  • How I went from broke financial planner working 60 – 80 hours a week living paycheck to paycheck to financially independent in just two years… and how you can follow my proven system to shortcut the process.
  • 33 unique ways to find foreclosure deals, 17 ways to sell the houses fast, and 12 ways profit from each deal. This is the very same automated system I use to cash a check from a deal every 4.2 days.
  • You’ll see over 76 recent deals, and how we made money from them. And 19 students who’ve made $1.65 million on recent deals.
  • My patented “SOS” System that will triple the number of deals you do each month without any extra work. (And if you’re stuck on your first one, this will accelerate the process.)
  • An easy way to tap into a nationwide database of cash buyers, hungry for your properties. These are people who have bought properties CASH in the past 30 days and are ripe for buying your houses for cash.
  • The software system I use to run the whole business for me.
  • How I syndicate my properties out to over 68 different websites with the click of a mouse getting massive internet traffic from buyers to my houses.
  • Access to over $1 MLLION dollars to fund your deals.
  • How to become my “Apprentice Partner” in your local area where you help find a deal – using my proven strategies, and my experts do all the heavy lifting to negotiate, fund, close, and sell the deal. – Then we split the profits 50/50… sound fair?
  • And much more!

Space on the call is limited, register now at www.webinarswithsrec.com

Talk soon,


P.S. My partner Jeff Watson (America’s Top Short Sale Lawyer) and I have been the “go-to-guys” for top industry trainers, and have taught our systems to some of the biggest real estate investors today.  Here’ what some of them have to say:

“I would never be where I am today without Josh’s system and coaching program.” - Nathan Jurewicz – SHORT SALES RICHES

“Josh’s system makes me a minimum of an extra $15k to $20k per month.” - Jason Medley – IVISIONARY FINANCIAL

"If I had this system 5 years ago, our business would be DOUBLE where it is today... It's the most powerful business system on the Planet.” -Than Merrill - STAR OF A&E’s FLIP THIS HOUSE

Register for the webinar this Thursday night at 8:30 PM Eastern and discover firsthand what these experts are talking about.

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