Meet Our SREC Student of the Month, Peter Gorski

We’re proud to spotlight SREC Coaching Student of the Month, Peter Gorski. Peter joined our coaching program about two months ago, and has already been realizing some tremendous results! Peter attended our 2-day SummerFest high-end student mastermind event last week, and had a tremendous experience. As a gift for being chosen Student of the Month, Peter was invited to stay for two additional days of mastermind with the Maverick/Master’s Elite/Board of Advisors students.

Here’s what Peter had to say about his experience:

"I first wanted to say that I had one hell of a time at SummerFest. It was like no other event that I have been to before.  It blew them all away. I was super excited to meet the SREC students, as well as your team, and I had no clue what to expect on Thursday going into the event.  Everyone was so very nice to me and to the others, and that is very important to me because it makes me feel welcomed and part of your team vs. others. I'm no one to them but just a name on a list.

You put on one hell of an event and I'm looking forward to the next one. I have to make it to the top and
now, due to SREC, there is nothing holding me back."

I want to share the story of Peter’s journey before SREC and since joining SREC with you, in his own words:

“I would like to first start off with my back ground. I started In Real Estate because I wanted a change in my life back in 2001, about 10 years ago. I dropped out of college, I was working in a pizza shop at the current time and I wanted to become rich overnight, so I thought the right path was to become a Realtor, but one problem is I could not pass the Real Estate test. Boy, I'm not one to give up, because when I first moved to PA when I was in first grade, I had to start all over when my father transferred jobs from NY to PA. When I went to school we had a different reading program, so all the way though school, teachers didn't know how to teach me and  passed me though; what they didn't know is I had a reading problem - I was in 9th grade with a 1st grade reading level.

I took a plunge in my life right then and there and no longer went to public school and went to a catholic school. It wasn't really due to that, it was due to the fact they had fewer students and the classroom, and had about only 20 people in each class, so it was a more one-on-one.  The reason I brought that last part up is because it plays a big role in my life; the teachers there put me down and told me I would never go to college and that I would not produce anything in life.

So that was a turning point in my life, I wanted to show them up so I went to college, and it just was not for me, so I stopped 6 credits short and dropped out.

This brings me into the Real Estate world.  Yes I could pass the test, but I'm not good at taking tests, but I knew I wanted to make great money and live my life the way I wanted to live my life. So in 2007, I went to a bunch of boot camps and spent tens of thousands of dollars to get my real estate investing education, but the bad thing was I was learning recycled crap and they had nothing to offer me after the classes, I was just set free.

I then took notice to the foreclosure market in about 2008, and it was back to square one, doing everything myself and not going in the right direction. I had my ups and downs in real estate over the past few years. For the past year I have been following SREC online, and my partner at the time stated he was my mentor but didn't show me the ropes of the business - he was just taking 50% of all my moneys. It was all great for the first month or two, and then he just stopped working my short sale files because he just could not get them closed.

So I took another jump in my life that I wanted to do for over a year, and reached out to SREC 6 weeks ago.  I went to SREC because they are the best of the best when it comes to running a short sale company and real estate education, and I never owned a company before so I had no clue whatsoever on how to run one. I was just the average investor since 2007, working out of my home and doing a deal here and there. With the help of SREC, they put me in touch with their head coach Derek Walkush. Derek has helped me out more in the past 6 weeks than I have in the past 4 years.  With the help of Derek, he has me finally going down the road of success and freedom for once in my life. He has me setting up goals, and reaching out for those goals.  Let me tell you something, that without the help from the SREC family (yes I said family because they are so nice and when I have a question I get a response right away, and they are very nice about everything and treat you like your family),it makes me happy and knowing that I have a great mentor to go to and ask anything that I need help on.  I just wish I would have found them 4 years ago, I wonder where I would be at today.

This is getting a little long, so let me sum it up. Without the help of SREC and Derek, I would still be in my basement (office) trying to figure it out; they have already figured it out and all I have to do is follow their footsteps. They have a system in place and I'm following it, now I'm out in the field training sales reps to bring me deals for my business, and I'm also going on more appointments than I have ever been on in my life. And it’s only been 6 weeks!

Thank you Derek and Team SREC”

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