9 Ways to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination


Do you find yourself wishing there were more hours in a day? Are you having a hard time balancing your day job and your real estate investing career? Maybe you just aren’t sure exactly where to begin with a new idea or business.

Whether it’s implementing something new into an already existing business or starting from the ground up, these suggestions I use to stay on top of things can help you set yourself a goal and reach it successfully. These simple strategies are how I get MORE done in LESS time and help ease that feeling of being overwhelmed.

  1. Get an Accountability Partner - This person can be a business partner, gym partner or even significant other. Find someone to hold you accountable. Make sure you trust this person and that they understand your goals and will hold your feet to the fire.
  1. A.C.E.R. aka: Absolute Clarity of the End Result - Whether you are starting a new company or just a new project, make sure you have 100% clarity on what the end result you are trying to achieve is. Write that down and set yourself a deadline. It’s helpful to keep a little post-it note with the end result on it somewhere where you can see it every day and be reminded of what you are working towards.
  1. Take One Step - All you need to do it just take one step forward to get started. Many people like to get through a whole training program before they start anything themselves. If you want to be a lifetime learner, consume a little new information and then go implement it.
  1. Do It Imperfectly - This goes right along with #3, you are taking that first step and starting something for the first time. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect, as long as you are working to get closer to your goal. You will be able to learn from any mistakes made along the way.
  1. Study Under a Mentor - Your mentor could simply just be an author of a book you read that helped you learn something new or an actual person in your life. Your mentor could be someone from the internet marketing world or a fellow real estate expert that you look up to. My personal biggest mentor is my father – the way he conducts his business and how he lives his life are both so inspiring to me.
  1. R&D  - Some people think of R&D as research and development. Here at Strategic Real Estate Coach, we think of it as "Rip-Off and Duplicate." That’s exactly why we created SREC, so you can learn and take the tools needed to be a successful real estate investor. Don’t try reinvent the wheel, we have already done the work for you.
  1. Mastermind - You need to surround yourself with others who are successful. Often times, in a mastermind group you’re hanging out with your direct competitors. You want to be around people who are trying to accomplish the same things you are and sometimes, even sharing the exact same markets. Sharing ideas allows you both to take your business to the next level.
  1. Fun Reward - Choose a fun reward for yourself. Once your goal is met by the deadline you set, give yourself a reward. Whether it’s something like just going out for a nice dinner or buying new clothes, do something good for yourself.
  1. Celebrate - This is a very important step because many times I see people accomplishing huge things and hitting large goals, then getting right back into the grind of every day work. You need to take time to reward yourself and your partner or your whole team. Take a time out to recharge, whether it’s a day or a week it is very much need for a good work/life balance.

These 9 steps are what I use in my daily life to keep motivated and keep moving forward, I hope they are helpful to you as well. Once you start to get in a routine of setting your goals with a deadline and achieving them, things will seem a lot easier. It’s usually that first step that is the hardest.

To see me walk you through my 9 steps live, watch the video below:

Now I want to know, what things are you doing to help yourself set goals and achieve them? How are you rewarding yourself when the goals are met? Comment below and let me know what you do to stay motivated and meet your goals.

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