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15 Powerful Ways to Invest in Real Estate With Your Self-Directed IRA

Let’s talk about Self-Directed IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) for a moment. When you think about IRA’s and investing, the first things that probably come to mind are stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CD’s. Did you know there are other more creative, one-off investments that many times produce better results with lower risk than the stock market?

Any different type of IRA can be self-directed. We work closely with the iPlan Group based out of Westlake, OH who help people administer their retirement accounts so they are SEC compliant. Let’s take a look at 15 different ways to invest that I came up with using your Self-Directed IRA:

  1. Residential Rental Property
  2. Multifamily Rental Property
  3. Commercial Property
  4. Real Estate Development
  5. Undeveloped Land
  6. Developed Land
  7. Foreclosures
  8. Mobile Homes
  9. Rehabs & Flips
  10. Storage Units
  11. Farm Land
  12. Foreign Real Estate
  13. Joint Ventures
  14. Crowd Funding
  15. Private Equity & Hedge Funds

You can do practically anything you want when it comes to real estate with an IRA. The properties are titled to your IRA and you buy it and fix it within your IRA and all the profit goes back into your IRA. Here at Strategic Real Estate Coach, we mostly buy up distressed properties to rehab and sell for profit. We teach the exact model of this through our 40K Flips program.

If you invest $80k in a property and sell it for $40k, all the profit of that $40k goes into your IRA and you’ve made a 50% return on that investment. There aren’t many other options that will yield that kind of return.  The advantage is that all the profits go back into the IRA tax-free, but the disadvantage is that you can’t take any of that money personally into your own checking or savings.

 As you can see, there are 15 different investment options inside of a Self-Directed IRA that you would never have if you just invested through a stock broker or financial planner. Many savvy investors will you that they won’t invest in anything unless it generates AT LEAST a 12-15% return because they are so familiar with investments that produce those kind of results.

If you want to learn more about Self-Directing your retirement account, visit iPlan Group and tell them Josh Cantwell sent you.

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55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments

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