Are You Still Sitting on the Fence?

It’s Time to Pull the Trigger

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to attend our exclusive live event, the Flip & Fund Summit taking place in Dallas, Texas in just two short weeks – now’s the time to make the decision!

Is the cost an issue? Or timing? Whatever it is that’s holding you back, I totally understand. I’ve got young kids and I know it’s tough to be away from the family for a weekend – BUT, I also know how beneficial this could be to you and your career.

If it’s a timing issue, I’ve seen the results that these events produce. It will accelerate your education and double your inventory and profit numbers practically overnight. This will better your future and the future of your family.

If money is the issue, I have a solution – we have about 7 spots left and if you purchase a ticket right now using the promo code “SUMMITCLOSED” you will save 75% off your ticket price.

This offer ends Monday, August 17, so don’t miss out!

Click here to purchase your ticket now!

Is Flip & Fund Summit the Best in the Industry?

According to our student, Jim Hill, who attended our last live event in Boca Raton, Florida this past April, it sure is! He has been to several other real estate seminars and says that ours stands out.

We already know that we go above and beyond for our students with our 24/7 customer service care, our up-to-date educational tools and these exclusive live events we host throughout the year. Over the years, we have put together a team of experts that range from a SEC Securities Lawyer to some of our most successful students who are now part of our Maverick Mastermind group.

We offer events like this so you don’t have to sit at home watching videos and taking notes – you can get right in on the action and sit face-to-face with our faculty and ask the questions you want answers to. We keep the size of the attendees down so you’re able to get your questions answered and network with your fellow real estate investors.

See Jim’s full testimonial below:

Click here to register for our Dallas Flip & Fund Summit & save 75% off your ticket price using code “SUMMITCLOSED” at checkout.

How to Calculate Private Investor Returns

In this episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, I was working on the profit breakdown for one of my flips, 1300 Idlewood Dr. in Lakewood, Ohio. We got it off the MLS from an out-of-town landlord. It was listed for $79,000 and we got it for $53,000. It is a two family home and we originally considered keeping it and renting it, but we decided to move forward with selling it.

Our private lender funding this deal with his self-directed traditional IRA and his self-directed Roth IRA. We pay our private lenders 12% interest or 15% of our profit – whichever is greater. On this particular deal, we are going to generate for our investors a 34.15% annualized return.

To listen to the full episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, click here.

My question to you is – do you think this private lender is happy with us? Do you think he’s going to tell his friends and refer them to Freeland Ventures? You bet he is!

 Freeland Ventures is a full service Private Money Lender. We handle wholesale, transactional, rehab to flip, rehab to keep, rental and small commercial financing options to SREC certified borrowers. You acquire investment properties and Freeland Lending handles the financing. As you make offers and acquire properties, we are a ONE STOP shop for all your investment financing needs.

As a private lender, this is a great opportunity for you because we only work with our Strategic Real Estate Coach students AND we offer an extremely unique process called the “Deal Genie” where our certified underwriting team reviews EVERY potential investment BEFORE it’s under contract. They determine whether the investment will be profitable or not and if we should move forward with the financing.

Learn more about Freeland Ventures here.

Be Daring,


CEO Strategic Real Estate Coach

CEO Freeland Ventures and Freeland Lending

CEO Yellow Jacket Properties

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