“Just a short note to say thank you for your expertise and continued support as we build the CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC and its related entities.
In eighteen months, we have grown from a start-up business of one (me) to a team of over a hundred. There is no way we could be where we are without the entire SREC TEAM. I came to the program with extensive construction knowledge and had limited knowledge of real estate… I knew enough to KNOW I didn’t KNOW anything!
I attended my first FLIP & FUND SUMMIT in Dallas 2017 and was so impressed with the presentation, I immediately signed up for coaching and QUIT my job. Though I was well paid for my efforts, I despised the traffic, the in-fighting, the corporate BS and the fact I was killing myself for another’s benefit. I hated it.
SREC’s support has been invaluable. I realize we are just beginning to touch our potential, but I’m secure in knowing the SREC TEAM will be alongside for the ride!”
Joe Greaves
“When I started the coaching program with Josh last year, I was looking to learn how to fix and flip while being hands off and to make more money to get out of debt as I had already completed a couple of wholesale deals on my own. I was also looking to develop long-term wealth by acquiring some properties for cashflow. With the support of my coach, Kyle, I’m on track to reach my specific goals of $1 million in net profit this year and 10 rental properties providing at least $10,000/month. While that’s all exciting, I unexpectedly received so much more than I could have anticipated. I became part of a group of elite investors that are out there doing it themselves and making their dreams happen on a daily basis – not just talking about it or basing their success on their previous experience! These are friendly, motivated individuals, who share their experience and are willing to help you regularly in care about everyone’s. There is an expert in absolutely every aspect of real estate that I have access to at any given time. I’ve had plenty of “new to me” experiences this year that I was walked through and was able to come through them successfully despite my fear and frustrating situations. I have been held accountable, pushed to grow (even when I wanted to give up), motivated to succeed, and supported through everything! Just when I thought I had reached my goals, I’ve now been encouraged to dream even bigger ones, and thanks to Josh and his team, I’m confident that these goals/dreams that I wouldn’t have attempted in the past, will become a reality in my near future! With the BLD contest, I won a beautiful vacation (Mediterranean cruise) which I took with my husband on after 4 years of not taking a vacation, just the two of us. Now, I see a quarterly vacation in our future! Thanks to Josh and SREC!”
Cheryl Sturt
Mark Pepe – Henderson, NV
“As a student of one of Josh’s Coaching Programs, I strongly recommend getting involved!!
I would like to publicly brag about my coach for a minute! Not only has he been a Coach in The Real Estate Investing Business, he has been part time Counselor as well! He has been there for all my “stupid” questions and not once has he made me feel less than because of my lack of experience. Very patient and kind. I hope that none of you think that this easy money, get rich quick kind of stuff! It takes time and work, but I know that the payoffs are going to be worth it!!
I’m sure that any of Josh’s Coaches are as high quality. You cannot not go wrong! Think if it as a continuing education. Some of you may have spent thousands of dollars of a college degree, I know I did, where did that get you?”
Scott Tatge – Wichita, KS
“I knew of a triplex property that was across the street from my own former triplex property that appeared to stay vacant. I researched the owner and wrote him a letter to which he never responded so I drove to his home, knocked on the door and made friend to the point that he said that he’d entertain an offer. I offered $200,000 (it is worth $250,000 with no issue), he accepted and I put down $4,000 and he finances $196,000 at 6% for 30 years, due in 5 years. Property is in good to excellent condition for a 40 year old structure. First mortgage payment is due 90 days after closing. We are closing May 1st and I am preparing to hit the ground running. Best wishes.”
Dave LaRose
“I did a one month start to finish with bid on HUD home, ..only vested roughly 5 hours of actual work on the home. The best part is I never physically laid eyes on the home! Buyer found using craigslist ad – This is a free service so I had $0 vested in marketing costs. Cash buyer on the deal …Net profits after all costs $14,700”
Ron Baska Coaching Student
Kim Link – Columbus, OH
“I’m confident that the $40K Flip Training and Mastermind will finally give me what I need to actually execute!”
Tony Pizzuto / ZinVest Properties, LLC
“From what I have heard on the training so far I really appreciate your straightforward, business-like approach to setting this business up and turning it into a long term approach. I look forward to being a part of your entire training modules and getting rolling with your strategies. Keep up the great work and passion.”
Steve Greig
“Hi everyone, Dan Taylor here, let me first say that I am also a new student of the 40k Flip system and I’m not affiliated with SREC or any of Josh’s companies (so I am not speaking for them), but I have followed his teachings for a few years now and I have talked to his staff on numerous occasions and, speaking from my experience only, they have always been very knowledgeable, professional and upfront with any info they have provided”
Dan Taylor
“Ya… the real key was honing in on the funding from the sources that you teach. Now…since I virtually have unlimited funding so to speak, I am now flipping a hotel here locally. The change in focus also allows me to broaden my view on what to look for…and also refine my numbers skills.”
Scott Benedict
“Anytime I’ve had a problem, I have contacted Sheila in Customer Service! She is the best customer service person I have EVER dealt with.
Kudos to you Sheila!!!”
Cherely Cousins
Mark Pepe – Henderson, NV
Andrea Bellony – Bronx, NY
“Bought the property on Tewksbury for $199,300. Sold for $350,000.Put $14,315 into the property in repairs, taxes, insurance, iPads, TV’s, etc.Paid investors at 5.5% ($12,650) for the $230,000 borrowed Made $78,405 on the HUD plus the $16,000 left in my account that was not used for repairs for a TOTAL PROFIT of $94,409! “You tell me if Josh’s Coaching was worth it!”
Kyle Garifo
“I must say I way a bit skeptical about your program, after signing up for so many others that omit critical pieces of information. But your course is the real deal, it covers so much, that I think I’m getting some information indigestion. However, I can live with that, and look forward to scoring some big successes with your coaching. I am also interested in buying through auctions, so any information you have on this would be very helpful.”
Roy Leighvard
“Just wanted to say thank you so much for the guide on how to find Private Money, and what to say. This is HUGE… really valuable information that I have been looking / needing for YEARS. If I had these years ago, I bet I could have found a private investor a LOT sooner. You guys are awesome! Appreciate the help more than you can imagine. I was also just about to send you an email asking if you could please go over the private lender presentation with us, so we can see what you say during the presentations. And then I went into Module 4 and saw you ALREADY INCLUDED IT!! Holy Crap, you really did think of everything, didn’t you! So Glad, I joined this course Huge, huge thanks.”
Laura Teale
“I live about 80 miles south of you Josh. I’ve met you in person. I’ve been in your office. So, I know you are really doing this. No smoke!”
Lyn Starcher – TurningPointReDevelopment, LLC
“…Just to give you an opinion from someone who has spent $10K for an investing course before (and thousands on others), I can tell you this course is likely the biggest bargain you are ever going to find. Josh is providing sooo much content, and he goes over every step in detail. My advice though, is to ask as many questions as possible, and take as much action as you can, NOW, because once any course is over, it can be harder (or costly) to get questions answered. Real estate coaches, who coach a lot of people across the country, don’t have the time to answer every person’s questions for the rest of their lives, so I wish I’d asked more questions and taken more action DURING the last course that I took. The students who seem to do the best in every course seem to be the ones who shoot right out of the gate and do not wait to make things happen. Btw you will hear over and over again that a good Realtor is hard to find. There are a ton of very flaky Realtors out there but set an intention that you will find the right one and don’t stop till you get this person. I bet you will do great!”
Laura Srei
“I am excited to report that I have my first deal under contract! The deal is kind of a 40K flips/Wholesale. Here is what happened. I listed the property For Sale by Owner at only $110,000. I patched some holes in the dry wall, had the house cleaned, had the carpet steam cleaned, and repaired the garage door. Altogether, I’m putting in about $600. I am going to make the difference of the amount paid by the guy at the auction ($69,000) to redeem the property and the list price ($110,000). That’s about $40,000 in 1 week!How’s that for a 40K Flip!? I am always amazed at how attentive you are to your students in the 40K flip program. You really care about their success. It shows. Thank you for all that you do.”
– Harvey Korbelik
“You are great! Thank you so much for your promptness and follow up. It is truly appreciated!”
Vivenli Go
“The other good news is that the hedge funds are beginning to sell off their house portfolios because they aren’t getting the returns they were expecting from buying up house portfolios and then renting them out. There will be lots of opportunities for us real estate investors.”
Mike Minnihan
Jose Urzua, Jr – San Bernardino, CA
Michael Johnston
“The More of this I read the more confident I am in the integrity of your organization, Josh. Thanks for your integrity. I hate liars, cheats and thieves too.”
Bruce Trietsch
“Thanks for a great class! I look forward to becoming a pro!”
Steve Greig
“Just wanted to say thanks for allowing students from your previous 40KFlips classes to join in on the next round of live classes. As if the abundance of information you provide in the classes and on the website isn’t enough , now this ! To me , you are really going the extra mile to provide more than what I expected to receive when I signed up for the course.I have only been able to catch a couple of the live classes with the July group , so I have been following along with the recorded classes on the site. Your invite to allow us to join in on the next round gives me the opportunity to sit in on more of the live training.Thank You.”
Al Fort Myers , FL
“I did my homework last night and wound up with right at 300 names on my 100 list. Looking forward to Thursday night class. You do an awesome job.”
Harvey Korbelik
“Josh, our meeting was only 35 minutes long; but you gave more information than most do in 2 hours! Your being pumped up made us pumped up, too! Thanks for your giving spirit!”
Danna Seale
“For what it’s worth, I’ve used Josh’s conversation starter line “I raise money for real estate deals…” with great success so far.”
Jeff Dimock
“40K is not out of the question. I live in Ca….and, regardless of what people might say, there are deals to be found everywhere. I just flipped a house, 90days, for close to $200k profit. In a deal now in the Bay Area and the projected is close to $120k. I have subscribed to Josh’s system because he breaks it down and makes it easy to understand and implement …and I am always willing to take the best knowledge from others and use it. Ended up staying the night in the Bay Area….so the 1st property (one of two using the knowledge that I got from Josh’s program…which mostly helped me in the financing portion of my current deals) is 5020 Beachwood Drive, Seaside, Ca. I just closed on the first half of this transaction on Aug 12, 2013. I negotiated the deal from the Short Sale Lender / Bank of America for $555,000. I used a private investor (duplicated as outlined in your course) via his Self-directed IRA to fund. Our budget for repairs is only $10K….which includes new kitchen flooring, new appliances for the kitchen, new carpet in two rooms, some interior paint, and update the front and back landscaping. We have comps in the area for $750K….and already have 3 qualified interested parties at our target price of $739K. We are in the process right now of doing the repairs. As it is coming up on the season where typically RE sales slow, my timeline for completing the repairs/updates is 2 weeks. My goal is to always close on day 90…since, of course, this is when the Title restrictions lift on turning the house. I just closed on another here in Morgan Hill (10 miles south of San Jose. We closed at $675K. We have comps at $985K with another home 5 doors up the street just listed at $1,020,000. Our budget for repairs/updates is approx. $32,000. Our target retail sale is $925K. The house has a killer view. I got this via Short Sale as well…where I did all the negotiations. Your information/course has been well taken and I am constantly reviewing and re-listening to the course segments. Thanks again.”
Scott Benedict
Ryan Berry – North Olmsted, OH
Keith Allen – Chicago, IL
“This whole experience so far has been amazing…thanks”
Ryan Berry – North Olmsted, OH
“Wow I am sooooooooo impressed by your prompt reply, so good thanks you guys are really awesome!”
Keith Allen – Chicago, IL
“ I just bought this 3 bed 2 bath 2000 sqft home in Florida build new in 2005 in a Sub of Tampa. for $13,600.00 on an online foreclose auction. I hold tittle in separate cell of my series LLC. I also had to pay a tax lien certificate for $2700.00. I will need to put 4k in rehab. I will have a total investment of 20k or less. After Repair Value is 240k it had a 260k mortgage in 2005. I did this with my own money. I will rent for 1600/month it is in exclusive gated community. I have done three properties just like this( similar Numbers) and rent them with good cash flow the name of the game.”
Jon Flink
“Thanks for the great content so far. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session!”
Patty Vanadilok
DK Kim – Jacksonville, FL