2019 Ultimate Planning: Taking Your REI Biz to the Next Level

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2019 Ultimate Planning: Taking Your REI Biz to the Next Level

[php snippet=1] New Year’s resolutions... love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are pretty popular. The tricky thing with New Year’s resolutions is that many people don’t keep them—and that’s mainly because they don’t create quantifiable, detailed, written goals. When it comes to your real estate investing business, simply having a thought or a wish to […]

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Deal Acquisitions & Finding Hyper-Buyers: Expert Strategies to Make Your Business Boom

In this expert interview podcast, I chat with REI and wholesaling experts Ben Sherman and RJ Nusz, who offer their must-hear advice on property acquisitions and building an extensive hyper-buyer list (that is, buyers who will purchase multiple properties from you every year). Ben, who served in active duty for the U.S. Air force for […]

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Finding Meaning & Financial Freedom with Your REI Business – We Show You How

If positive cash flow is your ultimate goal as a real estate investor, then be sure to check out this expert interview with Jim Thomas, a “tell it like it is,” successful investor based in New Jersey. Jim formerly worked in the railroad industry, where he put in long hours and sacrificed time spent with […]

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Private Money: Terms You Should Know

Private money is key to successful real estate investing. And I’m not just talking about borrowing some dough from Uncle Bob for that rehab project and then returning it to him when the project is done. That’s fine, but if you’re serious about the REI business, you need to be a bit more savvy about […]

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Whittlesay Lane - The Rocky River Roller Coaster

I am thrilled to say the "1148 Whittlesay Lane Rocky River Roller Coaster" has come to a full and complete stop. It's been quite a ride! Now it's completely DONE and MLS-ready! The excitement of a completed project is exactly why I love real estate investing. This renovation project has been a blast to work […]

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Acquiring Deals Like a Boss

We all got into real estate investing because we want more money, right? We want more passive income. But what we really want is control. It’s not about the money, when you think about it. If you dig down deep to discover what you really want, it’s probably control... we want to be able to […]

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7 Step Goal Setting Formula

What does your life look like at the next level? As a real estate investor, you have the opportunity to dream big. Maybe your next level includes more free time to spend with your family. Maybe you want to drive a fancy car or go on exotic vacations. Maybe you want time on the golf […]

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7 Strategies of Motivated Seller Marketing

One of the top questions I get asked, as a professional in the real estate investing industry, is “How do you find motivated seller leads – and persuade them to sell to you?” Let me tell you: it’s a fine-tuned process that has taken years to develop. But, now that I have systems and procedures […]

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The Vision of an Entrepreneur with Kevin Harrington

A few months ago, I had the awesome opportunity to speak with none other than Kevin Harrington, one of the original Shark Tank judges, inventor of the infomercial and the As Seen on TV pioneer. We talked about the awesome opportunities we both see in real estate investing, what he looks for when providing funding, […]

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Simplify, Accelerate and Automate

Over the last 13 years as a real estate investor, coach and national speaker, I’ve discovered that THE key ingredient to being successful in real estate (or any business for that matter) is SPEED. It’s the ability to find deals fast, evaluate deals fast, get comps fast, close deals fast, decide on an exit strategy […]

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