7 Passive Investing Income Streams

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7 Passive Investing Income Streams

Every income stream you add to your portfolio creates more financial security while reducing your exposure to risk. Some of the most common forms of income streams are earned income from a W-2 job, interest earned from bank accounts, residual income from royalties, or profit income from selling an asset like a boat, a car, […]

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3 Reasons Investors Should Be Realtors

For the first six or seven years of my business, I was a wholesaler primarily focused on short sales and pre-foreclosures, and then I moved into flipping properties and rehabbing. Today, I’m mostly a private lender for flippers, residential properties, and commercial deals. As the market’s changed, I’ve adapted my business model to take advantage […]

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Apartments = Massive Passive Income

If you’re looking for ways to increase your real estate investment profit without increasing your workweek, it’s time to consider an apartment investment. You’ll see long-term increases in passive income if you stop busting your butt doing rehabs and enter a whole new world of commercial real estate. Is this the right move for you? […]

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4 Profit Centers of Real Estate

Step back and took a look at your life and observe where you are currently at. Are you currently happy with where you are and what you see? Are you living the lifestyle you have always wanted? Are you stable and where you want to be financially? If not, it may be time to invest […]

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[8 Steps] How to Become a Successful and Confident Self-Directed Private Investor

Lately I’ve been noticing a trending question among my students – they have been telling me they have some extra cash on hand or in their self-directed IRA accounts and need some advice on what to do with it. This question really got the wheels turning in my brain and I decided to create a […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio is New & Noteworthy

Our podcast, Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, has been making waves on iTunes lately! We were ranked at #8 under the “Investing” category – which is HUGE considering there are thousands of other investing podcasts! We are also featured right on the front page iTunes under the New & Noteworthy section! I want to give […]

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In Case You Missed It... Our Exclusive Personal Bank Master Class

  Self-Directed IRA Personal Bank Master Class I know lately we’ve been discussing Self-Directed IRA’s a lot – but I just wanted to extend the offer for you to attend my How to Create a Personal Bank master class hosted by myself and Matt Tillack of the iPlan Group in case you missed it last […]

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The Other Side of Investing in Real Estate – Lending Money – Strategic Real Estate Coach

Find out how investing in real estate – by funding projects – can be just as lucrative, and often much more so, than the project itself. There are folks out there today who are making a fortune investing in real estate. But they’re not flipping houses or buying rental properties. These are the men and […]

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Make the Switch from Real Estate Investor to Real Estate Lender: Online Real Estate Courses Teach How – Strategic Real Estate Coach

by Josh Cantwell The best online real estate courses don’t leave you at the mercy of getting financing. They show you how to become the bank. If you’re like many students who’ve gone through the online real estate courses with Strategic Real Estate Coach, you’re not alone if the idea of becoming your own bank […]

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The Bank Vault Is Closing (URGENT)

I'll be quick, because there isn't any time to waste.This... is your last chance.George Antone is shutting down the vault.In less than 4 hours, his "Banker's Code" system for generating massive amounts of passive income... will be taken off the market.That means...  if you want this...If you want a foolproof system for generating big-time cash flow... […]

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