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Good Morning,

Back in July, a calculation was made as to how to frame the issues that concern real estate investors today. We framed the industry as a free market solution to the housing crisis, an industry that can protect taxpayers from Fannie and Freddie, and an industry that was ready to establish a permanent base in Washington, D.C. Our arguments were meant to convince Republicans, specifically House Republicans, who are generally more sympathetic to our agenda. We had discussions with staff from the offices of Boehner, Ryan, Cantor and Issa. After the Tuesday election results, those four congressmen now run a majority in the House.

Leadership has received our white paper detailing our concerns and proposed solutions. Next week, Jeff Watson and John Grant will visit the Hill to meet with the new subcommittee chairman, who now has jurisdiction over Fannie and Freddie and broader housing policy. Their initial goals are to have the House adopt our issues, and also cooperate and contribute to Rep. Issa's new investigation into policies and conduct at Fannie and Freddie. They have also made great strides in getting think tanks and non-partisan advocacy groups to back our agenda.

Tuesday's elections bring the potential for big changes in Washington DC for the GSEs and real estate investors. Tonight, Jeff Watson is going to let you know how all of our efforts are paying off and now that the elections are over, change is imminent.

Jeff is hosting a webinar with his direct contact in Washington D.C. to share the up-to-the-minute progress with you.

This is HUGE. Drop whatever you're doing and mark your calendars for a super important webinar tonight at 8pm Eastern.

Go here to reserve your spot.

Jeff is going to share the latest information and analysis on the recent 2010 election AND a briefing on the latest lobbying efforts of the Investors Coalition. This is information critical to your business that you cannot get anywhere else.

Topics will include:

"    Impact of 2010 Elections on Real Estate Investors
"    Update on Short Sale Flipping Issues at Freddie Mac
"    Update on GSE Reform, SAFE Act and Lender Issues
"    Discussion of NEW Investor Coalition White Paper - Our Briefing Presented to Congress Proposing Various Legislative and Regulatory Changes to Make Real Estate Transactions Easier
"    How You Can Support This Effort

Spaces will fill up very quickly, so make sure you register for the webinar now!

We have a seat at the table, but we still need your support.

Josh Cantwell and Jeff Watson

P.S. A special thank you to everybody, below, who supported the GSE Reform efforts through their very generous donations. Your efforts ARE making a difference, and the voice of real estate investors will be heard!

Moe  -  Lomita,    California
Francine -   Bowie,    Maryland
Miles  -  West Hills,    California
Godric  -  South Richmond Hill,    New York
Bob -   Fort Lauderdale,    Florida
Raymond  -  Mitchellville,    Maryland
Roger -   Castle Rock,    Colorado
David -   Charleston,    South Carolina
Yvonne  -  Rockwall,    Texas
Sharon -   Columbiana,    Alabama
Larry -   Cape Girardeau,    Missouri
Chelle -   Phoenix,    Arizona
Samuel  -  National City,    California
Doug  -  Plantation,    Florida
Lawrence -   Fairfax,    Virginia
Bruce  -  St George ,   Utah
Paula -   Edmonds,    Washington
Keenan -   Orlando,    Florida
Hilda -   Long Beach,    California
Tim  -  Ft. Lauderdale,   Florida
Steve -   Lawrenceville,    Georgia
Ron -   Louisville,    Kentucky
Timothy -   Naples,   Florida
John  -  McAllen,    Texas
Mark -   Naples,    Florida
Pamela  -  Roscoe,    Illinois
Maria -   Tucson,    Arizona
Susan -   Los Angeles,    California
Manny  -  Miami,    Florida
Daniel -   Charlotte,    North Carolina
Shaina  -  Winter Park,    Florida
Julio -   Fullerton,    California
Carol -   Glendale,    California
Jeff  -  Jacksonville,    Florida
David  -  Elmhurst,    Illinois
Richard -   Livingston,    Louisiana
Tony -   Festus,    Missouri
Fabiano -   Austin,    Texas
Steven -   Columbiaville,    Michigan
Darlene -   Sterling Hts,    Michigan
Michael  -  Chicago,    Illinois
Michael -   Uxbridge,    Massachusetts
Karen -   Lancaster,    Massachusetts

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