My friend is using THIS STRATEGY to easily monetize the short sale market

A long time friend of mine and mastermind partner Chris Gleize, has had a successful short sale business for over 8 years. Chris has actually closed over 200+ short sales in ONE SINGLE YEAR.

Recently Chris has made a very successful transition from short sales to Note Buying.

If you've never heard of note buying let me explain. Note buying is the process of buying the debt or "note" on a property INSTEAD of buying the actual property.

You become the bank.

Because I've followed his transition and seen how successful he's become at Note Buying, I've set up a special training call with Chris this Thursday at 9pm EST that you should be on to learn more about Note Buying and how to establish a business where you are the bank.

In today's real estate market it's no secret that Non- Performing Loans (NPL) are on the rise due to the current economy.

But something that most real estate investors don't know is that there's another way for you to cash in on those deals.

It's called Note Buying and it's something that you need to learn about because it's a great opportunity for a new stream of steady income for you and your business.

Sign up for Thursday's webinar to learn more -

Here's what you'll learn on Thursday's call:

* The secrets about discounted bank notes
* The similarities between discounting notes and negotiating short sales
* Why buying the "note" is way easier than buying the" real estate"
* How to "be the bank" and WHY you want to be the bank instead of negotiating with the bank
* How to avoid mistakes by looking at real-life examples and Note Buying Case Studies
* The ins and outs of note buying versus other strategies
* How to buy notes without using any of your own cash or credit
* How to easily raise capital for your business
* How to quickly locate notes to buy
* How to flip the notes for quick cash
* How to manage the loans for long term cash flow and wealth appreciation
* The 6 main exit strategies to use for note buying

Note buying is a strategy that not many investors
are using right now, which makes it the perfect
time for you to start cashing in on properties in this

Sign up here to learn more :

Talk soon,

P.S. We'll be answering your questions on this call, so come prepared and ready to ask.

See you Thursday!

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