If you need personal attention and help...

Online marketing is a big part of how I do business.

I use the internet to generate leads for my real estate investing and my
brokerage. And with the exception of my live events, the bulk of my real
estate training business is run entirely online.

The fact is, if you're not online with your business, you're a guppy
swimming with sharks.

That's why I DEPEND on the best of the best for advice, coaching, and to get
things done for me.

I call these guys my "Genius Underground" team.

These guys are NINJAS when it comes to driving traffic online, generating
new business, setting up killer lead generation websites up.... you name it.
Between them they've worked with the largest companies in the world, the
biggest trainers in real estate investing, and have created MILLIONS in
sales for themselves and their clients.

Yesterday I sent you an opportunity to work with them on a personalized
one-on-one coaching and/or consulting (they do it for you) basis to get your
business online and cranking.

They're looking for a few people to start before the end of the year to help
make your 2012 the best yet!

It doesn't matter if you're new, seasoned, or want to focus on a business
outside of real estate -- these guys can help. You just have to be SERIOUS
and know they they aren't cheap. (These are the guys I pay to get advice
from and I personally hire, and so do many of my fellow top real estate

If You Need Personal Help Growing Your
Business Online, Here's How To Get It.

Email Mike at my office at this address...

Include your personal contact info, the best time to reach you, and why you
need help.

Mike will send the emails over to the "Genius Underground" team and they
will personally set up initial consultations at no charge starting next

They will only call the applicants they feel they can help the MOST, so be
candid in your email.

And again, they will only work with a handful of people on this one-on-one
individualized basis.

This is an opportunity to work with a PROVEN team with a PROVEN track record
of creating success on the internet.

Email Mike at the email above if you're ready. But remember, this
opportunity isn't going to last.


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