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Is the Flip & Fund Summit the Best in the Industry?

The Flip & Fund Summit in Dallas, Texas is officially CLOSED for registration! 80 talented investors will participate in one of the most intensive, results-oriented live real estate events of the year.

The feedback we get from you (my students) is the most important kind that we can receive. I love being able to interact with everyone at the Flip & Fund Summit and hear your likes, dislikes, questions and concerns.

After our Flip & Fund Mastermind Summit in Boca Raton, Florida this past April, we were able to gather a lot of opinions and testimonials from the students who attended the summit. Not to toot our own horn, but we rarely ever receive any criticism about these live events we throw.

The SREC team puts a TON of effort and planning into each session and making sure we have the best guest speakers and up-to-date information to present to you. PLUS, each session is interactive and NEVER a boring lecture of me just talking at you.

Check out the video testimonial below from Gail Young. She loved that we touched on raising private money and how to get all your own deals funded with none of your own cash or credit.

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On our YouTube Channel, SREC TV, you can see various other testimonials from our students along with many other awesome free, educational opportunities.

We have many episodes of different series including Real Estate in 60 Seconds, Real Estate Investing Made Easy and plenty of student testimonials and case study walk-throughs.

Some of our most popular videos include:

  • Real Estate Investing Secrets
  • Real Estate in 60 Seconds: Property Launch Formula
  • Real Estate Investing Made Easy – How to Fund Your Deals
  • How to Raise Capital for Your Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Investing Made Easy – How to Flip HUD Homes

These are just a few of the powerful video trainings we have available on our channel. We are adding new content often!

Become a SREC TV subscriber by clicking here – what are you waiting for?!

One-on-one Real Estate Investment Coaching

If you are bummed about missing the Flip & Fund Summit, have no fear – we should be hosting another in December of this year.

And if you are hoping to accelerate your real estate investing career, you should consider applying for our one-on-one Josh Cantwell Coaching program. It’s FREE to apply – our team will review your application and decide if you’re a good fit.

If you are chosen, you will receive a personal coach who will work hand-in-hand with you to design a specific plan of action for your business. Your blueprint will take into consideration your experiences, your income goals and your desired lifestyle. Then your coach will show you how to actually apply the knowledge they give you in the most efficient way.

We will instill in you the habits you need to be successful for the rest of your life. You will have access to your coach regularly with 24/7 email support. You will also gain admission to our Accelerated Investor Mastermind Group.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, click the link below and let us know why you’re serious about making your dreams come true. If I feel like you’re the one we’re looking for, we’ll schedule a call one-on-one to discuss your plans further.

Apply for our powerful one-on-one coaching program here.

Be Daring,


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CEO Freeland Ventures and Freeland Lending

CEO Yellow Jacket Properties

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