Taking a Leap of Faith

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Taking a Leap of Faith

How to Fund Your Deals By now you know that my business is 100% automated - and I have no problem teaching my students the EXACT blueprint I use to be successful. Let's walk through the process of how to get your deals funded by raising private money through our Freedom Funding program. Notes - This is […]

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An Invitation You Do Not Want to Say “No” To

Prohibited Self-Directed IRA Investments Since the launch of Freeland Ventures back on June 1, we have been talking a lot about Self-Directed IRA’s and how can you invest in real estate with one and advantages that they have. Today, I wanted to quickly touch on some prohibited investments that you CANNOT use your Self-Directed IRA […]

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Looking for a Big ROI with Lower Risk? This is the Answer

  15 Powerful Ways to Invest in Real Estate With Your Self-Directed IRA Let’s talk about Self-Directed IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) for a moment. When you think about IRA’s and investing, the first things that probably come to mind are stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CD’s. Did you know there are other more creative, one-off […]

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I created Strategic Real Estate Coach because I love to teach people how to become successful real estate investors – it’s my passion in life to help others achieve the type of lifestyle they want and deserve. DANIEL WIAFE: $40K FLIPS MEMBER; STAR OF HGTV’s “FLIPPING THE HEARTLAND” A perfect example of this is my […]

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Student Case Studies, Cruisin' for Comps and More

One of the most important pieces of information that I like to provide you with is real life case studies from students who have completed our training programs and are now successfully flipping properties. A student of mine, Nick Zalonis, recently purchased his first property that we are working with him through our Freedom Funding […]

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Are You Ready to Receive the Keys to the Ship?

  Have you been using the 21 simple and FREE online methods to find great real estate investments I told you about last week? You should be! If you missed it you can download and listen to it here. If you have access to the internet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be browsing those […]

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Finding, Launching And Selling Rehabs, Rentals and Real Estate Investment Properties Using 21 FREE ONLINE Acquisition Resources and the Property Launch Formula

Are you getting into your real estate investing career and feeling a little stuck on where to find great properties to invest in? Does it seem like there isn’t really anything available in your market? That isn’t true and you just aren’t looking in the right places or looking at ENOUGH prospects. As my brother […]

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Great Real Estate Investments Sell Themselves (And How to Find Real Estate Investments)

TWO NEW REAL ESTATE INVESTING CASE STUDIES FROM JOSH CANTWELL: Today I'm going to walk you through two brand new personal case studies we have of homes we sold in record time last week and yielded a profit of $86,000. I knew this spring selling season was going to be hot, but so far I’m blown […]

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Hidden Rules of Private Money / YOUR work ethic / We are a team?

As some of you may know, my background prior to real estate was in financial advising. I thought about the people I used to help by put their funds into the stock market, annuities and mutual funds. Shortly into my career in real estate investing, it sunk in that I could be using a lot […]

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Flip & Fund Mastermind Summit Boca Raton 2015

On Sunday, we wrapped up our Flip & Fund Mastermind Summit in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. It was a three day live event that was put on for 80 of our lucky students. These events are awesome because you not only get to pick my mind, but also hear from the experts I work with on a daily […]

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