How to execute the appropriate contracts
How to negotiate with sellers
Realtors and lead sources
Quick-turning properties
Flipping houses
Exit strategies
Everything else you can possibly imagine in real estate.
It is the goal of Strategic Real Estate Coach to ensure that our students become experts in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Our Vision

As an industry leader, we provide the most advanced training in the real estate investing profession, both challenging and empowering students to build the type of business they’ve always wanted and support their dream lifestyle.


When we began, we didn’t have any experience. We didn’t have any licenses. We didn’t have a roadmap of what to do. We just had two things: an overriding sense of confidence in our abilities and a commitment to learning and applying everything we could about the real estate business.
We attended trainings and boot camps and we applied what we learned to our market… Cleveland, Ohio… a market known for severe job loss, high unemployment, and a ton of real estate properties for sale. We tackled those issues in the real estate business that the “experts” failed to address. Before long, we were trailblazing new methods, achieving even more success, making even more money and building our own lifestyles. Soon, we were the ones teaching at the trainings and boot camps we once attended!
In a market where all of our early competition went out of business, we thrived.
We never imagined nor intended on one day be teaching thousands of people across the U.S. the strategies that we used to make millions flipping real estate.
While we enjoy the big paydays we get from successfully completing transactions in our own real estate investment business, it doesn’t rival the success we feel when a coaching student closes their first deal and has their pipeline filled with several more on the way.
At SREC, we are good at what we do because we really “do” what we teach. Each of us is an investor currently working on deals. The materials and training that we provide at SREC reflect our best practices.
Just as important, the information we share is current and constantly being updated and revised because of an ever-changing real estate market.
You may be looking into real estate investing, foreclosures and short sales to bolster your real estate business, to create a second income or to leave your job forever. Yes, you can make significant money in real estate, but real estate can also give you the freedom to design the life you want.
Will it take a lot of work? Well, it depends on what you consider hard work. Digging ditches is hard work. Anything worthwhile in life takes discipline and effort. That’s where SREC fits in.


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Everyone has questions and is in need of answers. Read some of the most frequently asked questions we hear at SREC. If you have a question that you don’t see on our FAQ then simply feel free to contact us and we’ll get it answered as quickly as we can.


Our students are what matter most and their feedback is important to us. Read and watch what our students say about us. Learn straight from them how we’ve helped them gain the knowledge, skillsets, and expertise to be experts in real estate investment