10 Big Mistakes that Kill Real Estate Deals

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10 Big Mistakes that Kill Real Estate Deals

Don't you wish someone could tell you all the mistakes you need to avoid before you actually make them? I recently sat down with my former coaching student, and now Head Coach of SREC, Kyle Garifo, to reflect on some of the mistakes and challenges that we faced investing in real estate and flipping investment […]

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10 Must-Knows About Buying Real Estate Investment Properties at Auctions

If you’re interested in buying real estate as an investment, you should know the local MLS isn’t your only option. Real estate auctions are growing in popularity, especially for people looking for a bargain. Experienced investors often buy properties this way, but technology has simplified the process and has made it less intimidating to new […]

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Secret Weapons in Real Estate Investing

The Automated Offer Formula When you find a property that you are considering purchasing as an investment property, are you often stuck on what number you should offer the seller? Are you interested in learning a foolproof formula that works EVERY time to give you the price you should offer on a potential property? I […]

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I created Strategic Real Estate Coach because I love to teach people how to become successful real estate investors – it’s my passion in life to help others achieve the type of lifestyle they want and deserve. DANIEL WIAFE: $40K FLIPS MEMBER; STAR OF HGTV’s “FLIPPING THE HEARTLAND” A perfect example of this is my […]

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Finding, Launching And Selling Rehabs, Rentals and Real Estate Investment Properties Using 21 FREE ONLINE Acquisition Resources and the Property Launch Formula

Are you getting into your real estate investing career and feeling a little stuck on where to find great properties to invest in? Does it seem like there isn’t really anything available in your market? That isn’t true and you just aren’t looking in the right places or looking at ENOUGH prospects. As my brother […]

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The 411 on HUD Homes

Government foreclosures, aka HUD homes, is an important topic for real estate investors to be aware of. You may automatically think the houses need a ton of work or maybe you didn’t even know that you could get hold of these properties. Let me walk you through exactly where these HUD homes come from: Many […]

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Weekly Real Estate News and Information 4/21/15

Hey guys, Josh here. You know I love to be on top of real estate news and trends, so I've decided to start sharing my favorite posts of the week so you can stay in the loop with me.   Real Estate in 60 Seconds with Josh Cantwell Check out our latest edition of Real Estate in […]

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Pros and Cons of Alternative Financing for Investment Properties

Does it make sense to use alternative methods of financing for investment properties? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the real estate investment business for decades or you’re just starting to get involved, one of the most important things to consider is the best way to sell your properties. Should you use alternative methods […]

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Learn Why Lease Options Are the Best Way to Amass Long-Term Real Estate Wealth

Consider lease options and other alternative methods of selling income properties for a bigger bang for your real estate buck. The best path to creating long-term wealth is by owning high quality, high equity, passive cash-flowing assets, like investment properties. If you’re in the property investment business, you’re going to want to learn about lease […]

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Equity Partnerships vs Hard Money. You choose which is better.

Do you know the difference between Equity Partnerships Versus a Hard Money Lender? Let me give you a quick summary: Equity partnerships: Don’t require down payments Don’t require good credit Don’t require money up front to cover fees, points or closing costs Roll everything into the loan SPLIT THE PROFITS Hard money: Requires 20% down […]

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