4 Tips to Having the Competitive Advantage in Your Market

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4 Tips to Having the Competitive Advantage in Your Market

I think it's safe to say that it's officially a seller's market right now. We are in the days of... Multiple Offers Bidding Wars Lotteries for Offers Prices Skyrocketing 2014 and 2015 were years of recovery, but it seems that 2016 is the year of growth in the housing market. All statistics show that this […]

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7 Insider Tips to Finding Off-Market Properties

The game has changed - once again - and the competition is huge. In order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep on top of your market, you have need to have a comprehensive package and automated business set up for yourself. You have to have a competitive edge - so what does this […]

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7 Truths About Asset Based Lending

  The #1 challenge for real estate investor and entrepreneurs is FUNDING. How to get all the funding you need to acquire, re-position, stabilize, flip and/or rent distressed and discounted real estate properties. Truth is, there's more funding and financing options in our real estate world today than at any other time in U.S. history. […]

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Did you get the package I sent you in the mail?

  Just wanted to find out if you received the letter and FREE DVD I sent you a few days ago. Did the US Postal Service drop it in your mail box? The reason I ask is because the good ‘ol US Mail service... as you know... can be a bit sluggish at times. If you […]

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The Key to Finding Good Deals on Off-Market Properties

What Exactly Does Off-Market Mean? Off-market properties are ones that you find that are NOT listed in the MLS database. These are typically harder to find and require hard work and marketing. BUT have no fear – I am here today to show you the secrets of finding these hidden gems. The Fundamentals If you […]

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How to Find Off-Market Properties to Keep You from Going Extinct

As I’m sure you know, the real estate market game is changing. Thousands of new investors are jumping in every second to swipe the good deals in your market right out from under you. The more competition grows, the more you need to stay on top and adapt to the ever-changing strategies. Some of your […]

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How to Start Your Week with a Plan for Success

About ten years ago, I was just a guy with a vision for a fixer-upper I wanted to buy and flip. I hated my job. I worked a lot of nights and weekends as a financial planner. I had a six figure income, but I was basically broke living commission check to commission check. So […]

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How to Fast-Track Your Real Estate Investing Career

Just one short year ago, we hosted our first Strategic Real Estate Coach Flip & Fund Summit back in July 2014. The event went so well and we got so much positive feedback from our students, we decided to hold another in December 2014. It was the biggest event that we had ever had and […]

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How to Find Off-Market Properties to Flip

Want to get into the real estate investing game? Here’s what you need to know about how to find off-market properties to flip. Does it seem like every other investor out there has the magical ability to find off-market properties to flip? You can learn to do this, too. As a real estate investor you should […]

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