Hacking the Process Flipping Houses in Record Breaking Time

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Hacking the Process Flipping Houses in Record Breaking Time

Tyler Jensen, founder and owner of Utah House Flip, is changing the entire game when it comes to house flipping. From his humble beginnings to his 7-day house flipping revolution, he's definitely someone you'll want to keep your eye on in this ever-changing real estate market. You won't want to miss this interview.

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Discovering Purpose Through Crisis

Real estate mogul and inspirational powerhouse Raul Villacis joins me this week on Accelerated Investor. Selling an impressive $100 million dollars in assets to date might be the least interesting thing about Raul. His story is one that will surely inspire you to go deep and ignite the spark to start chasing your true purpose.

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Family Focused Passive Real Estate Investing

Do you have to sacrifice your family life to build a business? Adam Adams’ path to 1400 cash-flowing multifamily units and 7 joint syndications says “No!”. See how he built a better team, a better business, and a better family life focusing on the life he wanted first.

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Creating an Actionable Plan for your REI Biz

It doesn’t take much effort to come up with definable goals—but it DOES take time to develop an actionable plan that will allow you to achieve those goals. As a real estate investor, a step-by-step plan will be 100% necessary to the success of your business. Luckily, you’ve got people like Chris Seder on your […]

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How to Rehab a House in 6 Easy Steps

[php snippet=1] Let’s get back to real estate investing basics for a minute here – what is your game plan when you purchase an investment property to rehab and sell? Are you just a wholesaler and looking to get into the bigger profit deals? If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, here is our […]

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The Automated Offer Formula for Real Estate Investing

[php snippet=1]  How can a real estate investor make sure they purchase investment properties at the right price? Whether you have heard it before or not, there’s no more true statement in all of real estate investing than this: If you buy properties right then you can’t miss. The purchase price dictates whether you will […]

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5 Tips for Tripling Your Real Estate Investment Business

Maybe you have already dipped your toes in the real estate investing pool. Maybe you've completed one or two deals, but now you're eager for more. How do you triple those profits and take your business to the next level? Last week, I sat down with coaching student, Maverick Mastermind member and third place winner […]

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5 Traits of a Disclosure Document for Private Lenders [Best Practices]

There are many ways to get started in real estate investing and flipping properties with no money. Anyone can start doing wholesale deals with no money down. There are also several other strategies like owner financing, lease options and joint ventures that can be executed with no money out of pocket. Doing large flips, commercial […]

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Forecasting the Real Estate Investing Market

Have you ever wished there was some kind of “Crystal Ball” inside your real estate investing toolbox that would allow you to peak into the current housing market to find out HOW it’s changing, and WHAT to do? Well, I got a special treat for you today. I conducted an eye-opening interview with Daren Blomquist. […]

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How Real Estate Investing Saved My Life

https://srecnow.wistia.com/medias/x1t1bdusmx Quick story for you.... you know 15 years ago, before I got in to real estate investing, I was a financial planner.  I thought I was helping my clients achieve financial security…..wow, was I wrong… What I really experienced was average Americans really struggling to save and make returns in the stock and mutual […]

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