Wholesaling Pre-habs

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Wholesaling Pre-habs

One of my clients that I fund a lot of deals for, Anthony, has become a master of Wholesaling Pre-habs. I fund 4-10 deals a month for him (like clockwork), and he’s getting in and out of these properties for quick profits. So I was thinking that you should get to know his system. I […]

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6 Shortcuts to Save Time and Money During Renovations

One of the reasons I wanted to make sure had a blog and kept up with it is to offer those "insider tips" you will not likely find in your typical real estate investment course. After years of trial and error, we've learned it isn't always most profitable to do things by the book. For […]

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How to [Accurately] Project Property Repairs

[php snippet=1] One of the most frequent questions that we get here from our students and borrowers at Strategic Real Estate Coach is “How can I accurately budget repairs?” This is a BIG deal because comping the property correctly and making sure we know and understand the After-Repair Value (ARV) of the home is very […]

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How to Leverage Big Data to Find Real Estate Deals

  Analytics and data are everywhere now, so obviously us real estate investors want to try to use it to our advantage, right? In comes Attom Data Solutions, one of the nations leading providers of real estate data and intelligence on real estate trends, an awesome resource for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. I've been […]

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[In the Spotlight] The Cleveland Housing Market

  ATTOM Data Solutions, formerly RealtyTrac, recently published their 2017 Housing News Report newsletter and it's chock full of important information if you're a real estate investor - and features an article I was interviewed for about the Cleveland housing market, written by Daren Blomquist, SR. VP - ATTOM Data Solutions, who will be speaking […]

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

Recently I put together a training video and blog about how to find reliable, quality contractors. Now I am going to tell you the next step on what to do once you have put together a list of possible contractors you may want to work with. As you already know, a good contractor can really […]

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6 Effective Ways to Build Your Buyers List

So you found a steal of a deal property and got it under contract, so now what? If this isn't your first real estate rodeo, then you probably have a solid buyer's list put together, but what if you don't? It's time to put in a little extra work and get one together so you […]

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5 Things You Missed About Real Estate Investing This Week

As many of my students and subscribers may know, we offer a lot of free content. We have a weekly podcast that comes out every Wednesday called Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio, we have a YouTube channel where we post new videos weekly and we’re on almost all the other social channels as well sharing […]

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5 Step Process of Locating Vacant Properties No One Else Knows About

  Vacant properties in many markets can be considered some of the best deals you can find. There is also pretty low competition in the vacant house market because truthfully, about 90% of real estate investors don't want to take the time to scope out these deals and do the follow up work needed. Most […]

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Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio: Q&A With Kyle - Saving Money on Your Rehabs

Q&A with Kyle is back with some great questions including how to do inexpensive, but quality work when rehabbing a property, why having a contractor's account at Home Depot or Lowe's is important, when to pass on a deal and if it's hard to sell flipped houses to the FHA. If you have a question you want […]

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