The Power of a Mentor for New Investors

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The Power of a Mentor for New Investors

Get totally inspired by new investor and former window washer Zack Boothe. An investor since 2017, he’s already blown through his goal of $1 million a year all on the strength of his hustle, and a little luck.

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Private Capital’s Huge Advantage in the Next Housing Recession

Over the next few months, you’re going to see a lot of misleading data. It might be from the mainstream media or from new investors who are nervous about the changing real estate market. Maybe somebody has PTSD from 2008 and they can only see another Great Recession around every corner. I’m going to set […]

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A Retail Lender's Advice for BRRRR Investors

Everyone’s always worried about another crash. They want to know, “Are we at the top of the market?”. They’re worried because they don’t want to lose their investments. The thing is, if you bought the house at the right time and you’ve got a tenant in there, then as long as you can cover that […]

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Wholesaling Pre-habs

One of my clients that I fund a lot of deals for, Anthony, has become a master of Wholesaling Pre-habs. I fund 4-10 deals a month for him (like clockwork), and he’s getting in and out of these properties for quick profits. So I was thinking that you should get to know his system. I […]

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Structuring Creative Real Estate Deals to Boost Your Profits

When it comes to structuring creative real estate deals, Sean Flanagan is a verified pro. With more than 20 years of real estate investing experience in several competitive markets across the nation, he’s covered all the bases – from wholesaling to fix and flips, and everything in between. Sean is also an expert marketer who […]

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7 Common Mistakes Wholesalers Make

[php snippet=1] Have you set any wholesaling goals for the year? All real estate investors (really, everyone actually) should have big goals. And once you have goals, you need to figure out the steps to meet those goals. But have you ever thought about what you should avoid doing in order to meet your goals? […]

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Wholesaling Success Story: 6 Months, 20+ Property Deals & a Half Million in Profit

[php snippet=1] Cheryl Sturt isn’t your typical real estate investor. She got into the business just a few years ago and has already seen a huge amount of success—thanks, only in part, to her hot pink bandit signs. But it’s not just Cheryl’s pink marketing pieces or even her feminine name (which stands out in […]

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Wholesaling: Quick Deals for Cash

Wholesaling can be an extremely profitable niche of the real estate investing industry – and, it’s often one of the fastest ways to earn the cash you need to continue building your business and income. In this expert interview, Josh is joined by Joe Nemeth of Lorain County Homebuyers, LLC. During the time that they’ve […]

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How to Become a Real Estate Engineer

Why do so many people FAIL in real estate investing? I’ll tell you: They don’t think outside the box. They compete with other people for common real estate deals, maybe on the MLS, or for foreclosures, or for Zillow properties… Who isn’t trying to buy cheap foreclosures? That’s definitely one successful strategy, but that can’t […]

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How to Rehab a House in 6 Easy Steps

[php snippet=1] Let’s get back to real estate investing basics for a minute here – what is your game plan when you purchase an investment property to rehab and sell? Are you just a wholesaler and looking to get into the bigger profit deals? If you aren’t sure exactly where to start, here is our […]

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