Not For Everyone

For the last couple months my team and I have been developing a unique program.

Our focus has been creating a “can’t fail” scenario for our students.

In last November and early December we “recruited” a few brave “Beta Testers”.

So far, I’ve been VERY impressed with their progress and success to date.

I’d like to extend this rather unusual invitation to a few more SELECT individuals who are finally ready to take their business, income, and lives to the next level.

If this is you, then I’d like to hear from you, and I’d like to work with you on a very hands on basis.

I do have a specific criteria you MUST meet.

1. You must be "coachable" and willing to learn.

2. You must be an action taker and be able to prove it.

3. You must have some resources available (Both TIME and financial) to act on opportunities as soon as they present themselves.

4. You must have the positive mental attitude of a CHAMPION. *This is the most important qualification - no whiners/complainers allowed.

I only want to work with "do whatever it takes people"!

Apply here:

Complete the application above.

If you match the qualities I'm looking for in my "inner circle" then we will set up a one-on-one interview to identify your goals and see if you're fit to be a participant.

If all goes well, we will share with you the details of this exciting new program.

You’ll also learn exactly what my personal game plan for the next 6 months.

And it's even possible we may decide to work with you on an ongoing basis to guarantee your success.

You must act fast. We only have a limited number of spots available in the "challenge" and I will be launching this new pilot program in the coming weeks.

I’m only looking for those who take action and can prove my new strategies work in today's market place. I'm looking for people who would make excellent success stories.

(You MUST be comfortable sharing your success story with others.)

If I feel you're the right person we will contact you to review your application one-on-one.

(Be sure to be as candid as possible, we will personally review each application in detail.)

Here is the link to the application:


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