The Dovetail Method Can Transform Your Business!

Have you heard about The Dovetail Method yet? If you were one of the lucky ones who participated in the first webinar last week, then you’ve already gotten a glimpse into its power. If you missed it, don’t panic, you still have a chance! Thursday night we’re going to give you a chance to see the power of the Dovetail Method. If you haven’t registered for the webinar already, do so here:

In the meantime, check out what some of our coaching students who use the Dovetail Method in their businesses have to say about it:

S. L. from the Mid-West has been investing since 2005, and using The Dovetail Method since 2009:

“The single biggest solution for us is the seasoning issue. A lot of buyers in our market are FHA buyers, and [The Dovetail Method] has made the entire process so much easier. It has made us more money because we’re able to capture funds on the A to B that we normally couldn’t. This alone has made us into the six figures. We’ve closed 42 deals in the last two years, all using Dovetail. In 2010 alone, we gross profited over $520,000! Dovetail has been the single most important thing that we’ve ever done in our business. I can’t even say how huge it’s been.”

J.M. from the West Coast is a real estate broker, licensed since 1994 and using The Dovetail Method since 2009:

“Ever since [we started using The Dovetail Method], it’s been night and day for our business. It has solved problems with the C buyer’s Lender. We have earned at least $750,000 from Dovetail. I’m really thankful that you guys came into our lives, being able to provide The Dovetail Method. I highly recommend Dovetail.”

Z.K. from the East Coast has been in real estate for five years, investing since 2009 and started using The Dovetail Method in 2010:

“It just makes life easier on these real estate transactions. We’ve made 6 figures! Dovetail has really allowed us on slim deals to do an A-B and B-C.”

D.E. from the West Coast entered the real estate investing market in 2005:

“One of the things I appreciate most about Dovetail is that I have the confidence that we’re doing everything with full disclosure; it’s very elegant and it all flows. Coming to the Dovetail event was a God send. It fixed many of the problems that had developed and allowed us to have a process now that made sense and was really clear to the homeowner. It’s very professional, and our agents are protected.”

Are you ready to learn more? Be sure to register for the upcoming webinar tomorrow night:

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