They were mad I wouldn't sell it to them....

On yesterday's webinar we showcased our proprietary systems for getting 2,000 buyers a month and closing 50 deals a month.

We showed everyone lots of proof. We showed everyone the "smart funnel"...and how everything works to create massive inbound response and buyers going crazy to buy houses from us.

When the attendees found out that we weren't selling the system they became IRATE! PISSED! UPSET!

They were pissed at me for not pitching them the system. Seriously is that UNREAL or what?

Here's what I mean.....(these are copied and pasted directly out of GoToWebinar).....

Q: "Is this available for purchase?"

A: "No"

Q: "Then how are we supposed to do this?"

Q: "What's the fee for this?"

Q: "How do I get this?"

Q: "Why are you showing this if we cannot buy it?"

Q: "If we cannot buy John's system what's the best program out there similar to John's System so I can go buy that?"

Q: "So what's the fee structure?"

Q: "What's the cost/ monthly fee?"

The webinar training and proof that we showed blew the webinar attendees away. They were amazed at the results John, Scott and I are getting because we all have giant buyers lists. They wanted our systems and when we said the systems weren't for sale they were upset.

So what this tells me is that you should get on the replay this SATURDAY March 24 at NOON EST (9 AM PST) because if investors saw our systems and were pissed they couldn't buy the systems, that tells you the training was pretty darn good.

Register Here for the Saturday replay


P.S. Now don't be upset with me when you see how awesome our buyer's list building techniques are and you can't buy them. I'm telling you now they are not for sale on this webinar.



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