Real Estate Investing for Beginners: The ABC’s of Investing

Starting off in a new venture can be overwhelming and nerve-racking but also one of the best opportunities of your lifetime. Are you considered a career move to real estate investing? Tired of seeing all these people achieve their financial goals in real estate while you sit around cooped up in an office? If you can answer yes to that, you should at least give real estate investing a try. You may catch the real estate bug and it isn’t an easy one to shake. It’s not easy to just test out investing but you can work with a reputable coach who will guide you through every step. They have lived the life and obtained a higher level of success so why not work with them and work toward your goals? Before you take the plunge, here are some quick facts about real estate investing:

A-     Always make informed decisions. While you may have a “gut” feeling about a property, if you can’t make sense of it on paper, don’t move forward with it. In spite of your instincts working in the past, investing is a numbers game, not a heart game. Of course, you are free to make those intuitive decisions but don’t put too much risk into it.

B-      Be fair. Your contractors and team need to be treated fairly and if you start off in real estate investing being cheap and rude to your team, you won’t have a reliable team. These people are the foundation for your success. Be fair with their pay, hours, and expectations.

C-      Creativity will go far in real estate. Figure out ways to cut down on expenses, curtail your own personal desires for the property, and take the time to do some of the work yourself, when possible. Especially in the beginning, take a hands-on approach so you can see how much work goes into the process.

D-     Don’t become emotionally involved with the property. Yes, it will feel like your heart and soul have gone into the property but be prepared to let it go for the right price. It’s not your house so don’t put in your favorite wall color but use a neutral tone. Don’t put in those energy sucking appliances because they look better or you prefer them. Decide that this house is perfect for someone else and work on it accordingly.

E-      Expect problems. If you go into the property with the idea that everything will be perfect, you will be in for a shock. There will be problems and extreme expenses that you can’t possibly plan for. Not every property will be a headache but if you go into it with the expectations of problems, you might be pleasantly surprised when nothing bad happens.

For more information about real estate investing, keep reading and learn everything you can from the viewpoints of all sides. You can never have too much knowledge or preparation to start.

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