Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: How Ex-Navy Man Does Thousand Dollar Deals

This week’s guest for Real Estate Investing Made Easy Podcast is Cody Sperber, aka “The Clever Investor.” If you haven’t heard of Cody, he stumbled into real estate ten years ago after leaving the military with little direction... Now? He’s done over 1000 deals! On this week’s episode, he shares many tips and tricks you can use to focus your efforts… and start cashing big checks. So listen to the podcast now and discover… The eye-opening experience Cody had while working as a bookkeeper for a multi-millionaire real estate developer (we’re talking about the kind of guy with a fleet of $150K cars, who regularly flew in a tailor from Hong Kong to create custom suits)… The ONE thing you must establish… in order to start doing deals and experiencing those big paydays (without this… you can have all the knowledge, but nobody will take you seriously)… Cody’s “Nightmare Door Knocking Story” and why it almost caused him to quit real estate… forever…   The single BEST way to generate an enormous amount of leads (and what you have to do FIRST before turning on this high-powered profit machine)… Plus… how YOU can cash-in on the hottest new real estate technology… even if you have trouble sending off simple e-mails! Listen below and start making money.


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