“Please Take My Money”

If an investor walked up to you with a briefcase full of money and said…

“Here’s $600K. Use it to fund your deals. And don’t bother paying me any fees or interest points either…”

…you’d probably be wondering what type of drugs he was on. Or at least… thinking he has some kind of screw loose.

But… if you attended yesterday’s free “No Fee Funding” training class, you know Cameron Dunlap isn’t crazy.

He just found a way to exploit a government loophole… which allows him to offer win/win funding… without charging any interest or fees.

With this type of funding, there’s no qualifying. You’re automatically approved and can use it to fund as many deals as you want.

Of course, if you attended yesterday’s training class… you already know all this.

If you haven’t… he’s giving you another chance.

Because Cameron decided to run more free training classes where he explains all the exciting details of his “No Fee Funding” program.

It’s going down tonight… at 8PM and 11PM Eastern.

Click here to get your spot now:

Register for the 8PM Eastern Master Class (7PM CST / 5PM PST)

Register for the 11PM Eastern Master Class (10PM CST / 8PM PST)

And during this class… Cameron isn’t just showing you how to fund your deals…

He’s also showing you how to find the best deals in your city… way before your competitors even realize they exist…

How to use his two-pronged buyer generator method to sell these properties for quick cash…

And revealing details on the SecretWeapon software sharp investors are using to automate their property-flipping businesses, so you can…

Work less hours…
Do more deals…
And earn WAY more money…

From finding deals… to funding them… to flipping ‘em (and actually keeping the profits)… it’s all covered during tonight’s free training class.

So make sure you’re there.


P.S.  This free training class is NOT being recorded. The only way to find how to fund your deals without paying any fees… is to make sure you’re there.

Join us tonight at 8PM Eastern (7PM CST / 5PM PST)

Join us tonight at 11PM Eastern (10PM CST / 8PM PST)

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