Strictly Buy and Hold for Extra Cash Flow

One of my investor clients that I fund a lot of deals for…Andy L…has a full time business

He’s Strictly Buying and Holding Singles and Duplexes for cash flow.

Now he owns about 90 units. He told us he figures he’ll stop around 200-300 or so.

Here’s his model

  • Very active doing 4-8 deals a month
  • Has Acquisition manager
  • Gets deals from Wholesalers and off market direct mail and referrals and MLS
  • He’s active in valuing properties and making offers in his business
  • He has 10-15 guys on his team from acquisitions managers, contractors, leasing agents and pretty much has a full turnkey operation
  • He uses us for funding tons of his deals.
  • Purchase underperforming assets and stabilizes them and rents them out long term

I fund 3-5 properties a month for Andy and his son who’s building a nice portfolio of his own.

1. We provide them acquisition and rehab funding
2. Then we also provide long term landlord rental funding

His model is Simple

1. Buy (this is where I come in)
2. Rehab (I provide the rehab funds too)
3. Rent
4. Refi (I handle this for Andy too)
5. Roll into another deal

Really simple yet powerful long term Legacy Wealth Building Strategy.

More and more of my students are using this to create permanent passive income

For more passive cash flow check out this training video I put together last night for you.

Be Daring,

Josh Cantwell
Strategic Real Estate Coach

P.S. Andy brought his son into the business to teach him how to own and create his own future. I take my kids in the field with me every chance I get. What are you doing to create permanent financial education and freedom for people you love?

If you need motivation to get going think about the people you love and do it for them.

P.P.S. I don’t know too many other real estate investors who can boast raising over $30,000,000 of private money like I have… and it’s such an awesome feeling for me to see guys like Andy building their business and creating freedom and wealth using the private capital I’ve raised. Makes me smile!

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