Real Estate Trainers: Train your Body, Mind and your Real Estate Business

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Real Estate Trainers: Train your Body, Mind and your Real Estate Business

It’s no secret that training is important. When you want to be successful at anything, you have to practice and train accordingly as those who want to win, will train for their goal. Nothing happens if you just sit around and wait to achieve success, it takes work. Never is that more than in the […]

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Real Estate Coaching on Government Foreclosures & HUD Homes

Have you ever flipped a government foreclosure? Do you know what a HUD home is?  Do you need Real Estate Coaching? Well in this training video I explain EXACTLY what a HUD home is, how the government forecloses on homeowners, how these properties go to auction, how to buy them once they are HUD homes […]

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Real Estate Coaching - Note for Private Lending

What is a real estate note for private lending? When you start working in real estate, it can be overwhelming to hear lingo, terms, and be given paperwork that seems like a foreign language. From talk of capital gains, ROI, principals, and promissory notes, it is important that you understand what each term means. It […]

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Real Estate Coaching - 40k Flips Testimonials

Greetings again from SREC! We got hundreds of new students flocking to our 40k flips product and here’s what some of them are saying: Click Here To Find Out More About The Program: “The person you are talking about is Josh Cantwell. I have already paid $1000.00 to hear this and it was worth every […]

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Online Real Estate Courses - Starting Now!

Click Here to Join 40k Flips! In This 7 Week Ground Breaking Online Real Estate Course Live Coaching Workshop, You Will Discover How To…- Build An Automated $40,000 Flipping Business with The Most Powerful BIG PROFIT Training & Coaching Program We Have Ever Created.  Use The “Done For You” Capital Raising System & 27 Unknown […]

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[Free Video] My 5-Step Process For Big Profits Real Estate Investor Training

Many real estate investors ask me… “Josh, how do you do it? How do you consistently close these big deals… month after month without ever using any of your money?” Well… I have a very specific 5-step process I follow. And in this free real estate training video, I walk you through that entire process. […]

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Flipping Humpty Dumpty’s House with Online Real Estate Courses

Hey guys… it’s Josh again…and showing you more about Online Real Estate Courses And I have another free case study video to share with you today. So get ready… and come along with me to 1355 Keystone Boulevard… It’s a brand new project we just bought about two weeks ago. Now… when I say project, […]

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The 80 Percent Rule of Real Estate Coaching

Hey guys, Josh here… And today, we’re heading back out into the field so I can show you another real deal I’m working on. In case you didn’t know… at any given time, I have 12-15 different deals going. All of these houses are bought using other people’s money… And after it’s all said and […]

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Real Estate Coaching

The SREC V.I.P. Real Estate Coaching Program is one of the most successful in the real estate industry. It is a chance for student investors to gain direct personal one on one access to Josh’s business and his expert investor coaches in the field. This team will help grow your business and provide advice and guidance. It […]

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