Real Estate Coaching - 40k Flips Testimonials

Greetings again from SREC! We got hundreds of new students flocking to our 40k flips product and here’s what some of them are saying:

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“The person you are talking about is Josh Cantwell.

I have already paid $1000.00 to hear this and it was worth every penny.

I have been in this business close to 30 and Josh is by far one of the best

teachers I have ever known.”

Murphy Rivenbark


“I agree, this training has been the most beneficial of all the real estate coaching I have purchased over the years.”

Ron Klingbeil


“I’m closing on my first house on Tuesday, and it seems like people are asking me about investing with me at least once a week.   I would rather be in this group with josh and his team answering questions than anywhere else.”



“This training is priceless. I can't help but think that raising private money module alone is worth the price of admission.  Also Track Your Cash module is a course that is priceless to me.

I think many don't understand that you are personally involved with training and answering questions and giving feedback.  It takes a lot of energy and (patience )to be so deeply involved at the level that you are.  God Bless you! Thank you again for your energy and passion to pass it on and help change my life and countless others. What a cool legacy!

Extremely Blessed To Have Found You,”

Lowell Davis


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for an awesome learning experience.  I think it speaks volumes about how much you enjoy RE investing by allowing us to continual access to your material and your knowledge.”

Paul Holden


“Although I have been rehabbing part time for the past 4 years, this was a great program and well worth the fee.  I learned a great deal.”

Al Castro


"Thank you so much for this fantastic class!  -You have all been awesome Josh!   -I am forever grateful!!   --so thankful I have been able to go back and re-listen to each session carefully...Unbelievable!  You have been such a great "Professor"!! With a fabulous team!  Thank you once again!"

Jan Elliott


“I am truly eternally grateful & thankful to have been & BE a part of the 40k flips group.  It is Phenomenal!  Thank you all, for making it a Biz “Family” away from home.  May EVERYONE in the group, coaches, Josh stay blessed & in excellent health.  This day, & always!  May everyone infinitely exceed beyond their wildest thoughts & imaginations.  I thoroughly agree.  As far as refunds, those that were not strong enough…I feel so sorry for them.   This is truly the best & far too valuable to walk away from.”

“I would definitely like to stay connected to this group.

I have invested plenty of time & money into several other trainings,

& the support given here has always exceeded anything else out there.

Nothing has come close.

THANK YOU JOSH! for providing this Training, The Group Forum, all of the Phenomenal Support (from the amazing staff/coaches). Everything!

This has truly changed my life! & the lives of my loved ones.

We are exceedingly grateful. There have been challenges

{all well worth it!} Once Xmas gets here.. Those challenges are Gone

Permanently! I'm excited! & There's no way I'm ever turning back!!!!

Thanks sooooooooo much!

I'd love to meet you in person someday soon, to thank you + share my testimonies thanks to YOU JOSH, & Your $40k Flips Training.

The best program out there! Wish you all the best & continued health.

GOD Bless You All!”

Irma Cruz


“Today as I was reflecting on all I have to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, I thought... although 2013 has been one of the hardest years of my entire life, for myself and also a lot of friends and family members.... I am SO lucky to be in 40K Flips!!!

I'm so thankful for all the things that Josh has taught us, ESPECIALLY for all his tips on how to find a private lender.

Josh, thanks for having a clear passion for helping others to succeed. The fact that you really are LIVE on our coaching sessions, and give us SO many resources (especially letting us see and use your newsletters!!) speaks volumes about you!  Also, thanks to all the admin staff who keep things running so smoothly in this group and in our program in general.

I also feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many 40K Flips members, who not only ask great questions, but also many who provide great answers! I feel like I've been at a huge REI Club meeting that's been open 7 days a week. Yeah, baby!!! I'm looking forward to staying in contact with the rest of you guys, even after this google group goes away (but I'm still hopeful that we can figure out some way to bribe or sweet talk Josh into electing a new monitor to keep it open somehow, now that his work is done!).

And another thankful shout out to the members who've stepped up and offered to keep us all connected with a master list : )   (Sorry Josh... I know... that damn Master List! Maybe it's an OCD thing... you started a really good thing, here, and we want to keep it going!)”

Laura Teale

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