5-Week Direct Mail Marketing Plan

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5-Week Direct Mail Marketing Plan

Whoever said “print is dead” has obviously never met a real estate investor. When it comes to building a successful real estate investing business, direct mail marketing is a key component. I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details here, but there are countless studies that prove that consumers spend more time looking at direct mail […]

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7 Steps to Searching for Comps

Today I wanted to talk to you about an important piece of the real estate investing puzzle that a few of our students and subscribers have had questions about - Comparative Market Analysis'. You can use these when finding new deals to see if they are in a good area and will sell quickly and […]

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7 Free, Offline Ways to Find Killer Deals

As a serious, full-time real estate investor, you need to constantly have your feelers out for new methods to find good deals. I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to find a sufficient amount of deals just by looking on Zillow.com and your local MLS. There are a ton of different ONLINE methods […]

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10 Step Marketing Funnels for Motivated Sellers

I can't believe it's been over 10 years now since I've been mentoring other students on how to become a successful real estate investor. I've done countless webinars, live coaching classes, video trainings, podcasts, blog posts and spoken at multiple live events. I have seen the market shift and the main questions I get asked […]

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7 Insider Tips to Finding Off-Market Properties

The game has changed - once again - and the competition is huge. In order to stay ahead of your competitors and keep on top of your market, you have need to have a comprehensive package and automated business set up for yourself. You have to have a competitive edge - so what does this […]

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4 Proven Ways to Still Get Good Real Estate Deals in Competitive Markets

  Those of us competing for real estate deals realize it is currently a seller's market. With property inventory levels getting low, even in places in the Midwest, the competition lately seems even higher than we're normally used to. Investors are traditionally a competitive bunch by nature. The ability to outmaneuver competitors while picking up […]

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Never Have to Ask “How Do I Find Good Deals?” Again

The Direct Deal Formula This week I had the privilege of sitting down Jason Lucchesi, a former student of mine and founder of a real estate investing training and coaching company called Global Fortune Solutions that he’s been running since 2008. Jason has since flipped hundreds of properties using what he calls his “Direct Deal […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investing Radio: Finding super deals in real estate investing with Josh Cantwell

Josh calls in live from the floor of the 40k Flips Summit, and shares some of the ways his top students are finding super deals in the changing Real Estate Investing market across the US. [powerpress] Also – Daren Blomquist, VP or Realty Trac discusses their freshly issued Foreclosure Statistics report, as well as their […]

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63,000 Foreclosures Completed in May

According to the monthly numbers released by CoreLogic, the number of foreclosures completed in May 2012 was 63,000, up from 62,000 in April but down from 77,000 one year ago. Since September 2008, the start of the current financial crisis, 3.6 million foreclosures have happened across the country.   This number represents the number of […]

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Lease Options Bring Quick Profits By Matching Buyers & Sellers

Educated, savvy real estate investors have the upper hand in today’s marketplace. Why? Because today’s housing market and economy are still a total mess, but the result is a wealth of opportunity, if you know where to look and how to look. Unfortunately too many investors don’t know where to even begin. They’re using systems […]

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