Never Have to Ask “How Do I Find Good Deals?” Again

The Direct Deal Formula

This week I had the privilege of sitting down Jason Lucchesi, a former student of mine and founder of a real estate investing training and coaching company called Global Fortune Solutions that he’s been running since 2008.

Jason has since flipped hundreds of properties using what he calls his “Direct Deal Formula.” He focuses on purchasing off-market distressed properties to wholesale or rehab. He also keeps some of these properties for his own portfolio.

These properties that Jason and his team are going after are in pre-foreclosure stages and have not hit the market, yet. They are going direct to banks, hedge funds and private sellers that want to sell their properties.

The Direct Deal Formula is made of four simple steps that Jason has created:

  1. Putting together your cash buyers (3-5 at most)
  2. Locating the off-market deals and gatekeepers you need to get in contact with
  3. Review the deals you have to make sure it’s a go
  4. Making sure that everything is properly set up

To listen to the full episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio and see what form of social media Jason uses to find the gate keepers he needs to work with to locate these off-market deals, click here.

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The Real Estate Investor’s Bible for Finding Good Deals

Ok guys, if you haven’t downloaded my free report, “55 Simple and Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments” yet, you are REALLY missing out.

This thing should be printed out and put on your night stand to read every night before bed like a bible! Between myself and my Maverick Mastermind Group, we came up with 55 methods that we are using RIGHT NOW to share with you.

Inside this report, you’ll find:

  • 21 Simple And Powerful FREE ONLINE Methods That Find Killer Real Estate Investments without ANY Money for Marketing
  • 11 Simple Free OFFLINE Marketing Methods To Acquire Great Real Estate Cash Flow Deals
  • 6 Powerful Software Platforms That Pump Motivated Seller Leads Directly Into Your Inbox
  • 16 Simple Paid Offline Marketing Strategies That Push Motivated Leads To Your Inbox And Create Mass Brand Recognition And Mass Market Appeal for Your Business
  • 15 Must Use Free or Very Cheap Resources And Tools Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Automate Their Real Estate Business
  • PLUS - The Automated Offer Formula You Should Be Using To Bid Blind On Real Estate Properties Without Ever Seeing Them

Together, those make up all 55 ways you can find these killer deals, plus a little bonus of our Automated Offer Formula.

To download your copy of 55 Simple and Powerful Ways now so you can stop missing out, click here.

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