The 80 Percent Rule of Real Estate Coaching

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The 80 Percent Rule of Real Estate Coaching

Hey guys, Josh here… And today, we’re heading back out into the field so I can show you another real deal I’m working on. In case you didn’t know… at any given time, I have 12-15 different deals going. All of these houses are bought using other people’s money… And after it’s all said and […]

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Real Estate Coaching

The SREC V.I.P. Real Estate Coaching Program is one of the most successful in the real estate industry. It is a chance for student investors to gain direct personal one on one access to Josh’s business and his expert investor coaches in the field. This team will help grow your business and provide advice and guidance. It […]

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Real Estate Coaching for Beginners - Wholesaling Strategies

Wholesaling Strategies for Beginners When you’re working in the real estate markets as an investor, if you aren’t familiar with the basic mathematical principles, you might find yourself in a financial mess.   Here we will discuss real estate coaching for beginners. The numbers have to work in order to make money on properties. If the […]

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Real Estate Investors Love 40k Flips Part I

Hey there, we are now 4 weeks into our live coaching of the 40k Flips Coaching Program. You can build an automated $40,000 flipping business in less than 7 weeks.  Guaranteed!!! Done For You “Private Capital” Systems and the “$40k Flips” System Practically Guarantees Your Success Flipping Foreclosures for $40k Profits without using any of […]

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Real Estate Coaching on HUD Homes

Have you ever flipped a government foreclosure? Do you know what a HUD home is? Well in this training video I explain EXACTLY what I HUD home is, how the government forecloses on homeowners, how these properties go to auction, how to buy them once they are HUD homes and WHY THEY ARE SO […]

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How SREC has Helped People Like You?

Real estate is and will probably always be a hot market for the right types of people. For those who are driven by measured success, real estate can be just the right field for you. With so many scams and con artists trying to sell you on how to buy and sell properties, rehab foreclosed […]

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