Real Estate Investors Love 40k Flips Part I

Hey there, we are now 4 weeks into our live coaching of the 40k Flips Coaching Program. You can build an automated $40,000 flipping business in less than 7 weeks.  Guaranteed!!! Done For You “Private Capital” Systems and the “$40k Flips” System Practically Guarantees Your Success Flipping Foreclosures for $40k Profits without using any of your own money and without having any trade skills whatsoever. With The Most Powerful BIG PROFIT Training & Coaching Program We Have Ever Created.  If you don’t believe me, just listen to what our students have to say from all over the world.


“I live about 80 miles south of you Josh. I've met you in person. I've been in your office. So, I know you are really doing this. No smoke!”

Lyn Starcher

“Bought the property on Tewksbury for $199,300. Sold for $350,000. Put $14,315 into the property in repairs, taxes, insurance, iPads, TV’s, etc. Paid investors at 5.5% ($12,650) for the $230,000 borrowed

Made $78,405 on the HUD plus the $16,000 left in my account that was not used for repairs for a

TOTAL PROFIT of $94,409!

“You tell me if Josh’s Coaching was worth it!”

Kyle Garifo

“As a student of one of Josh's Coaching Programs, I strongly recommend getting involved!!

I would like to publicly brag on my coach for a minute! Not only has he been a Coach in The Real Estate Investing Business, he has been part time Counselor as well! He has been there for all my "stupid" questions and not once has he made me feel less than because of my lack of experience. Very patient and kind. I hope that none of you think that this easy money, get rich quick kind of stuff! It takes time and work, but I know that the payoffs are going to be worth it!!

I'm sure that any of Josh's Coaches are as high quality. You cannot not go wrong! Think if it as a continuing education. Some of you may have spent thousands of dollars of a college degree, I know I did,where did that get you?”

Scott Tatge – Wichita, KS

Current Coaching Student

“These guys really have their systems in place. When I left my meeting with Josh and John I knew exactly what to do. They gave me a very specific Step by Step action plan that virtually guarantees my success!

Keith Allen, student Chicago Ill

“I'm already paid up but this stuff if so valuable I still feel like I owe Josh money!”

Anthony Dew

“What Josh, John and these guys do best is that nothing is filtered. They are in the trenches. They are doing deals. There’s nothing that can replace that. It’s just a matter of doing what they say and following their system. Their best interest is watching out for my best interest. There is no comparison. There’s these guys and then everything else is just JUNK!!!!”

DK Kim, Attorney & Student

Orlando Fla

“I must say I way a bit skeptical about your program, after signing up for so many others that omit critical pieces of information. But your course is the real deal, it covers so much, that I think I'm getting some information indigestion. However, I can live with that, and look forward to scoring some big successes with your coaching. I am also interested in buying through auctions, so any information you have on this would be very helpful.”

Roy Leighvard

“Josh, our meeting was only 35 minutes long; but you gave more information than most do in 2 hours!  Your being pumped up made us pumped up, too!  Thanks for your giving spirit!”

Danna  Seale

“The other good news is that the hedge funds are beginning to sell off their house portfolios because they aren't getting the returns they were expecting from buying up house portfolios and then renting them out. There will be lots of opportunities for us real estate investors.”

Mike Minnihan

“I am excited to report that I have my first deal under contract! The deal is kind of a 40K flips/Wholesale.  Here is what happened.   I listed the property For Sale by Owner at only $110,000. I patched some holes in the dry wall, had the house cleaned, had the carpet steam cleaned, and repaired the garage door. Altogether, I'm putting in about $600. I am going to make the difference of the amount paid by the guy at the auction ($69,000) to redeem the property and the list price ($110,000). That's about $40,000 in 1 week! How's that for a 40K Flip!? I am always amazed at how attentive you are to your students in the 40K flip program. You really care about their success. It shows. Thank you for all that you do.

Scott Tatge

“Just wanted to say thanks for allowing students from your previous 40KFlips classes to join in on the next round of live classes. As if the abundance of information you provide in the classes and on the website isn't  enough , now this !  To me , you are really going the extra mile to provide more than what I expected to receive when I signed up for the course.  I have only been able to catch a couple of the live classes with the July group , so I have been following along with the recorded classes on the site.Your invite to allow us to join in on the next round gives me the opportunity to sit in on more of the live training. Thank You.


“I did my homework last night and wound up with right at 300 names on my 100 list.

Looking forward to Thursday night class. You do an awesome job.”

Harvey Korbelik

“Great teaching today, easy to follow along, thanks for making it easy!”

Willie Fulwyali

“Josh, wanted to say a quick thank you. I realize that we are still very fresh into the training and that there is much more to come. However, this training has inspired me to take action, and I bought my first property at an auction today. Just what I have gleamed thus far in getting comps, using OPM, and the overall confidence that this is a good business to be in has given me the extra push I needed. I am projecting a $30K net on my very first deal. Thanks again, Josh!”

Joe Hughes

“For what it’s worth, I’ve used Josh’s conversation starter line “I raise money for real estate deals...” with great success so far.”

Jeff Dimock

“Hi everyone, Dan Taylor here, let me first say that I am also a new student of the 40k Flip system and I'm not affiliated with SREC or any of Josh's companies (so I am not speaking for them), but I have followed his teachings for a few years now and I have talked to his staff on numerous occasions and, speaking from my experience only, they have always been very knowledgeable, professional and upfront with any info they have provided”

Dan Taylor

“Thanks for a great class! I look forward to becoming a pro!”

Kathryn Pocock


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