BLD Summit Showcased the Best of SREC

I just got back from an amazing 3-day B.L.D. Summit in Orlando, and let me tell you, I am completely energized. Not only was it a great opportunity to mastermind with some of our strongest students, but also introduce a new group of investors to the SREC family and culture.

The thing that made me the most proud was our B.L.D. Awards Ceremony. On Saturday night we all got together to celebrate the success our students had during our Business and Lifestyle Design contest, and reveal the big winners.

It was the culmination of 6 months of hard work and growth. Everyone who participated in the contest and closed at least 2 deals or made $25K in gross profits during the contest period qualified for a trip! That’s going to be a great time, I can tell you now!

For the contest winners, we gave away some amazing prizes, like a Harley Davidson, a SeaDoo and several luxury cruises. Can’t beat that! In addition, we announced some of our overall top investors of the year.

So a big “Congratulations” to all of our winners:

• REO/Auction/Rehab Investor of the Year – Ben Schladenhauffen & Robbye Randall

• Tax Lien Investor of the Year – Mike Kleinstub

• Short Sale Investor of the Year – John Grant and Jerry Ballard

• Largest Profit of the Year – Dave Schneider

• BLD Platinum/Titanium Coaching Student of the Year (2nd Place) – 3-Way Tie

o Scott Miller
o Kenny Weaver & Bill Syrios
o Tom Rummel & Brett Lewis

• BLD Platinum/Titanium Coaching Student of the Year (1st Place)

o Joe Harris And Tracy Bushka

• BLD Maverick Mastermind/Master’s Elite Coaching Student of the Year (2nd Place) – 2-Way Tie

o Steve Londeau and Allen Boike
o Dave Schneider

• BLD Maverick Mastermind/Master’s Elite Coaching Student of the Year (1st Place) – Mike Kleinstub

Check out the video below as well as the comments from our BLD Summit attendees :

-“SREC is without a doubt the very best provider of real estate information, bar none!” –Pamela S.

-“The best event I have ever attended.” –Ray K.

-“SREC is the most complete source of information for the short sale investor. Josh is an inspiration to me!” – Bill L.

- “Life changing – the tools and strategies, coupled with our drive, motivation and application is a winning combination.” – Linda W.

-“Thank you for a great business changing event! Great instructional event – not an introduction (hook) and then a sale-a-thon; actual A-to-Z of what is working now.”-T.P.

-“This event opened my eyes to many ideas, more important, the A-to-Z of structuring my business.” –Steven B.

-“This has been the best and most informative real estate seminar for me.” –David C.

-“Excellent content and mindset preparation that gave me the confidence to start my real estate business.” –Peter L.

-“Loved getting reconnected.” –Paul S.

-“Inspiring!” –Thomas E.

-“Great weekend, full of content. Best event I have ever attended!” –Simon R.

-“Fantastic event – I’m energized! I can’t wait to get home and start implementing the new techniques.” –Lisa H.

-“Tons of information and great insights.” –Matt H.

-“The SREC group was outstanding; solid, credible and current information. Strategies you can go home and implement right away.” –David W.

- “Every time I come to a SREC event, it changes my life and my business permanently.” –Haaris I.

-“Presentation and ideas presented were awesome and what really works.” –Manuel P.

-“They made a believer out of me. I will not think twice about a referral to anybody and everybody.” –Eudaldo A.

-“As always, great content, great networking opportunities, easy access to coaches; not bombarded with sales pitches for other peoples’ products.” –Shari J.

-“The staff and coaches with SREC go above and beyond in terms of the time, information and help that they give. They all truly want to help you to be successful.” –Susan R.

-“I enjoyed all of the information. SREC seems to be honest and capable and gives a lot.” –Catherine S.

-“The education is amazing. Higher levels of attendees – great network opportunities.” –Dolores R.

-“”This event will give a novice investor great access to opportunity. I have two solid opportunities to establish a mentor relationship in my hometown. Could not have done this without this event.” –Anne B.

-“It was really eye-opening and made me realize how much time I’ve wasted “learning” instead of DOING. It also helped me get my older sister to see my vision and work with me as y partner so we can grow our business together and create a legacy in NY.” –Johnny C.

-“The group of instructors, coaches and advanced attendees represents the best available ideas, strategies and tools to succeed in ethical rest estate investing today.” –David H.

-“Of all the courses/events I have been to, this is the best.” –Lill G.

-“You had innovative, current and practical information that corresponds to the changes in the market.” -Vina K.

-“”This BLD Summit provided us real estate investors with a wealth of knowledge which will enable us to generate cash flow and establish a true real estate investing business.” –Brian L.

-“This has been another outstanding event by SREC. I have learned so much about so many options to consider or branch out into.” –Sandra F.

-“Best mastermind event ever!” –Art F.

-“Maybe the best seminar I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to many over the past year and a half. I’m impressed by the organization and what I heard about the coaching program. You guys are 1st class!” –Ken G.

-“This event was so rich in content. We now know that Josh, Jeff & the team put the “strategic” in SREC.” –Jennifer G.

-“I have attended about 8 events in 2010 on residential and commercial real estate. I am flabbergasted by the outstanding content and presentation material on ICI.” –Herbert Y.

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