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I often talk a lot about fix and flips because that is mostly what I do and I love teaching that investing strategy… My real estate investing business is mostly rehabs and rentals. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve been building a big-profit portfolio of passive cash flow. So today, let's talk about […]

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6 MORE FREE, Offline Ways to Find Killer Deals

  In this competitive real estate investing market, I know no one is going to turn down some FREE methods to help them find deals, so I'm going to continue with my previous topic. I gave you 7 free, offline methods to help find deals and I'm now giving you 6 more... 6 MORE Free, Offline […]

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4 Proven Ways to Still Get Good Real Estate Deals in Competitive Markets

  Those of us competing for real estate deals realize it is currently a seller's market. With property inventory levels getting low, even in places in the Midwest, the competition lately seems even higher than we're normally used to. Investors are traditionally a competitive bunch by nature. The ability to outmaneuver competitors while picking up […]

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Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio: How to Maneuver Ultra Competitive Markets with Sean Katona

Sean Katona from Simplified Property joins Kyle today to discuss how to find properties in ultra competitive markets. Simplified Properties is a commercial and residential development company.  Sean started investing in 2009 and is currently redeveloping property across the western US – predominantly in Seattle and Southern California, two super competitive markets. P.S. - After you listen to this free […]

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10 Must-Knows About Buying Real Estate Investment Properties at Auctions

If you’re interested in buying real estate as an investment, you should know the local MLS isn’t your only option. Real estate auctions are growing in popularity, especially for people looking for a bargain. Experienced investors often buy properties this way, but technology has simplified the process and has made it less intimidating to new […]

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Do Real Estate Webinars or Live Workshops Achieve Faster Results

  What's the difference between webinars versus live events? Does live events or webinar get better results? Do webinars or live workshops achieve faster implementation, action and execution? My Live Event Experience Back in 2003 when I started in my real estate investing career, webinars were not the primary method of consuming new real estate […]

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The System Never Changes

  Flip & Fund Summit is LIVE in Dallas, Texas Right now, we are live in Dallas, Texas at our Flip & Fund Summit. It’s been AWESOME so far – we have a great group of real estate investors who are eager to learn and share their experiences. Tonight, for our keynote speaker presentation, I […]

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Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio: Transitioning From Single Family Homes to Commercial Properties

In this episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, Josh Cantwell talks with Joe Fairless about transitioning from flipping single family homes to commercial properties and getting funding for your deals. Joe is a real estate investor and has his own podcast, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. P.S. After you tune in to this free […]

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How To Get the Funding You Need for the Deals You Want

Get All the Funding You Need Last week, we discussed how the two biggest questions I get asked from students is: How do I get funding for my deals? How do I find good deals? I gave you the powerful solution for finding good deals with my FREE report, “55 Simple and Powerful Ways to […]

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Are You Still Sitting on the Fence?

It’s Time to Pull the Trigger If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to attend our exclusive live event, the Flip & Fund Summit taking place in Dallas, Texas in just two short weeks – now’s the time to make the decision! Is the cost an issue? Or timing? Whatever it is […]

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