Where To Invest Your Time And Capital In Today's Marketplace

I’m in Austin, TX for a high level mastermind with my peers and colleagues sharing ideas, dissecting business challenges, and creating new opportunities for growth.

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and a couple days of my time every few of months to meet with this particular group. (I’ve invested MUCH more on other masterminds, courses, coaches, seminars… you name it!)

And I continue to invest my capital and time in areas of growth and development.

Frankly, I believe it’s the highest and best use of time and money – investing in YOU.

The late and great business philosopher Jim Rohn said, “Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do At Your Job.”

There have never been more relevant words to live by for an entrepreneur, especially in today’s market.

So why am I telling you this?

You’re a real estate investor… you focus your time and money on properties.

Listen: (I’ll say this again.) The highest and best use of your time and money is investing in YOU.

Now the highest and best use of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY is to have it work for YOU!

Aha! Follow…

Leverage is the key to success in real estate.

(Especially if you have none of your own money or credit to invest in properties yourself.)

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This isn’t a secret… GREAT real estate deals are NOT hard to find.

Auctions, Foreclosures, Short Sales, FSBOs… the list goes on and on.

It’s a buyers market – you know this.

But what you may not know (or maybe from experience you do) is that…


Phenomenal deals are everywhere but often out of reach for the unprepared investor. You either need cash to close quickly and flip for profits, or it’s a cash only deal.

And you know the VERY best properties with the highest profit margins are snatched up lightning fast by investors with ACCESS to money.

(Notice I said “access”.)

These guys are making a KILLING today, acting on deals before anyone else, and grabbing the deals everyone else can’t… because they have cash!

Often times it’s not their own money, but instead they dip into a pool of “private lenders” and make (a LOT of) money on the spread.

Imagine the feeling of confidence having the same power these cash buyers have… using other people’s money to capture your share of the best deals.

Using other people’s money is the ultimate leverage and your own personal financial situation or credit isn’t an issue.

These private money lenders want to work with you based on the deal!

You don’t need money or credit, and you won’t have to “qualify” for any traditional bank loans.

You’ll to be the first to act on RED HOT deals and can strike while the iron is hot.

In fact, these private money lenders are easy to work with and operate on YOUR terms. (All they care about is the deal – and good deals are easy to find.)

Thursday night I’d like to introduce you to one of my Masters-Elite students (one of the mastermind groups I lead) who is an expert at finding investor friendly private money lenders who WANT to give you cash to buy deals.

When you register for tomorrow night’s webinar he’ll share how you can gain access to a list of proven money lenders in your area who are ready, willing, and eager to work with you!

These private money lenders are waiting for your deals and to help you make money. It doesn’t matter what type of deal… residential, commercial, short sale, foreclosures, auctions – you name it, the private lenders on this list want to hear from you. (Did I mention you keep the lion’s share of the deal!)

The training webinar is Thursday night, at 9pm EST / 6pm PST.

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The beauty of working with private lenders is they just want to FUND your deals – they don’t want to get involved.

So as long as you have a constant flow of good deals (which isn’t a problem in this market) you can easily add an additional 6-figures to your income! The money lenders want to partner with you and give you the bulk of the profits!

And the best part is…

-          You don’t need banks

-          You don’t need to qualify for a loan

-          You don’t need any of your own money

-          You don’t need credit – you’re credit doesn’t matter

-          You can work on your own terms

-          These money lenders are everywhere – even in your own backyard

-          These money lenders are QUALIFIED

-          These money lenders know how to work with investors like you

-          There are THOUSANDS of lenders who want to give you money

-          You have a seemingly endless supply of OPM – other people’s capital and money

-          Using this system these private lenders will COME TO YOU!

You will practically have private lenders BEGGING you to give YOU money!

All you do is find a hot deal, let your lender know, close and you share in the profits. *Remember, you take the lion share!

That’s it.

I highly suggest you take the time this Thursday night to invest in yourself. My guest will show you a unique way to open the vault instant money to get all the deals you want.

Again, the call is this Thursday (March 3rd) at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

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(It’ll be packed, so register now and arrive early!)

Ok, I need to get back to the meeting!

Talk soon,


P.S. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that no deal is out of reach and that you’re ready and able to take advantage of practically any deal that comes  your way!

Invest in yourself and join us Thursday.

Click Here To Register And Access Instant Money For Your Business!

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