Even you won't be able qualify for a mortgage any time soon

Last night I was lying in bed reading an article that blew me away...

It's called "Prime Mortgage Borrowers: Then vs. Now", and it

It was comparing the prime borrower in 2007 to the prime borrower in RIGHT NOW in 2011"

Check out how ridiculously easy it was to qualify for prime only 3 1/2 years ago...

In 2007 Requirements for a "PRIME MORTGAGE LOAN" to buy a house were:

  • Loan Values up to 125% of the property value
    • Meaning you could borrow 200,000 on a house only worth $175,000
    • Debt to Income ratios of up to 45% of income
    • Minimum FICO Score of 620
    • 1 Past W-2
    • 2 months of fallback reserves
    • Employment corroborated one month out prior to closing

Fast forward to the requirements to buy a house TODAY:

  • Loan Values max out at 80% of house value
    • *which means buyers have to put down at least 20%*
    • Debt to Income levels are lower at 33%
    • Minimum FICO is 680 to 720
    • 2 YEARS of w-2's must be provided
    • 12 months of fallback reserves must be available
    • Re-verification of employment within 10 days of closing is required
    • A foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu must be at least seven years old

So what does this mean for us investors exactly?

Well according to watchdog credit rating agency DBRS.....

"Based on the minimum FICO score, maximum loan-to-value (LTV), and the requirement that a foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu be at least seven years old, it is likely that most of the U.S. population will not be able to qualify for a mortgage any time soon," DBRS says.

"Consequently, DBRS expects the housing recovery to continue to lag for many years to come unless there is a loosening of underwriting criteria by the major lenders," the DBRS concluded.

This changes the game for investors big time.

If you've been following the free material I've been sending you about how to profit from recent housing trends with INSTANT CASH INFUSION these past 2 weeks, you realize this information from DBRS mightily supports the investing strategy Instant Cash Infusion is built on and will allow investors like you to thrive for the next 2-5 years...

But only if you know how to sidestep the new bottlenecks of banking.  Without available credit, we must invest in strategies that do not require bank loans for ourselves or our buyers.

So this Thursday night I am hosting a webinar to show you EXACTLY how to thrive in today's market - that will instantly put $500 - $20,000 in your pocket in as little as 16 days.

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On the "No Banks Needed" Tell all presentation I'll be revealing to you...

  • 4 simple, fast, safe and easy ways for you to make money that don't require any banks whatsoever.
  • How my students and I have been perfected these strategies since 2004.
  • Why since late 2010 and 2011, these investing techniques are even better poised for you and I to prosper from because of the current shifts in the financial markets.
  • How you can profit from every type of property, right now. Houses with equity,
    houses with no equity and no default (which are most common)
    and overleveraged houses in foreclosure( (short sales).
  • These leads are everywhere and require little to no marketing costs
    on your part to obtain. As I said earlier they are the most common lead type I get into my business. In fact, in the past, I used to throw these away. Not any more.
  • You get paid within 60 days. Often in as little as 16 days. No waiting
    for 7 months to get a short sale approved and flipped or a house
    rehabbed and sold.
  • You pocket between $500 to $20,000 without needing a loan for any of it
  • The critical set of forms you must use to execute all these techniques for faster payouts
  • How buyers will fight over these properties you will control because they don't have to
    qualify for bank loans. Not to mention the 80 - 100 million hungry buyers who cannot qualify for a bank loan. I'll show you how to flip them over to the buyer for a very handsome fee.
  • One technique with three ways to make you money. You can make some cash now (between $500 to $20,000), cash flow each month (between $100 to $1,000) and then cash out down the road (between $7,000 and $40,000) without ever owning the home

Instant Cash Infusion is the quickest, easiest way to make money in real estate with no money, bad credit, and no loans for you or your buyers.

And isn't that what you're really looking for?

Listen, I care a lot about you and your future. This is stuff you need to know to be successful. If you let this kind of information go unnoticed, your real estate investing business will never get off the ground or you'll waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars doing the wrong things.

Get on the webinar Thursday night to learn how to fix your cash flow challenges now, with a quick $500-$20,000 in as little as 16 days.

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