This Thursday: Learn 11 new ways to instantly infuse your empty bank account with cash

Today I thought you'd like to see 11 BRAND NEW - never before released
- ways my "Instant Cash Infusion" program will help you smile again
when you look at your bank account.

If you haven't already gone through all the FREE videos, audios, and
marketing strategies I've released over the past 2 weeks, you'll want
to do it now because with "ICI" you get paid extremely well for simply
finding houses that sellers don't want and offering them to buyers who
can't get or don't want bank loans.

When you do this you'll recieve approximately $4,000 to $8,000 per deal
on average.

The deal I closed about 10 days ago netted me $7,000. They actually
handed me $7,000 in one hundred dollar bills. CASH! Pretty cool, huh?

Sellers love the ICI plan because they get to unload their unwanted
houses without the headaches of a foreclosure.

Buyers love the ICI plan because they get into a great house without
loans, credit or qualifying for a mortgage. They buy pretty houses, ugly
houses, and everything in between without banks and mortgage companies.

Investors all over the country are already providing a simple plan to
homeowners that infuses much needed cash into everyone's pockets and is
a welcomed alternative to "List it, wait, wait, wait and then wait some
more for a buyer."

So register for the "ICI" training webinar right now (and then clear your
schedule and attend) so you can start putting on average $7000 into your
empty bank account in as little as 16 days.

Register Now for Thursday night's "No Banks Needed, Tell All" webinar

It starts at :

8 PM Central
7 PM Mountain
6 PM Pacific

Time is counting down.

Click here to register.

Here's 11 of the new ways to infuse cash into your empty bank account you'll
learn on the webinar this Thursday night:

1. How you can get started next week without a realtor license, without sales
experience, without money and without "knowledge" of your market.

2. How to profit from deals other investors toss in the trash and how to turn
those other investors into a seller lead generation machine for you for free.

3. How you will be a "welcomed guest" by sellers who are looking to preserve
their credit and avoid short sales, foreclosures, and bankruptcy.

4. Where the best low hanging real estate fruit is and how to stuff $500 to
$20,000 cash into your pockets from picking even your "best" neighborhoods
clean whenever you need money, all without having to hassle with loan officers
or banks.

5. How to simply offer hungry buyers these "no credit qualification deals"
and collect 3-10% down from them every time.

6. Why a simple classified ad is all you need to make your phone ring off the
hook with interested buyers. When I did this 25 days ago on "The Norton House"
we got 50 calls in 12 days. From a tiny classified ad and easily wrapped up a
buyer within a week.

7. Four simple, fast, safe and easy ways that includes exactly what to say to
the homeowners so you can smoothly close the deal and make money without any
banks whatsoever.

8. How you can profit from every type of property: Houses with equity, houses
with no equity and no default (which are most common) and overleveraged
houses in foreclosure (short sales).

9. No waiting for 7 months to get a short sale approved and flipped or a house
rehabbed and sold. You get paid within 60 days. Often in as little as 16 days.

10. How to get paid upfront Cash or Cashier's Check for $500 to $20,000. The
average deal I do puts about $7,000 bucks in my hand. Some have given me

11. Do all this without ever owning a home in your name or putting your credit
on the line.

Can you really afford to miss these cutting edge insights on how to profit
wildly in today's market?

Register now for Thursday's webinar and then clear your schedule and attend.

See you Thursday,


P.S. The average "ICI" deal only takes about 2-3 hours of time to put everything
together. So you can easily do this part time while you keep up with other family
and work obligations. It's the perfect vehicle for investors who have full time
jobs and are looking to "jump in" while maintaining their security blanket.

What would having multiple streams of income mean to you and your current
financial situation?

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