Webinar Tonight: Earn $500-$20,000 cash in the next 16 days

Hello Friends,

Just a quick heads up to clear your calendar for tonight’s important webinar on…

“How to earn $500-$20,000 (whenever you need it) using my Instant Cash Infusion Strategies.”

The webinar starts tonight (7/21/2011) at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific, you can register and join us here:


NOTE: Make sure to refresh you page shortly after 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. If you can’t see the presentation refresh your browser again.

Here’s your chance tonight to see the PROVEN strategies that are working right now in the WORST markets across the country, where you’ll learn how…

*My students and I have been using these strategies since 2004. Just now in late 2010 and 2011 are they really going to “blast off” for you and I because of the current shifts in the financial markets.

*To use 4 simple, fast, safe and easy ways for you to make money that don’t require any banks whatsoever.

*You can profit from every type of property. Houses with equity, houses with no equity and no default (which are most common) and overleveraged houses in foreclosure( (short sales).

*To find gobs of leads in any neighborhood that require little to no marketing costs on your part to obtain.  Many of these leads are so common I used to throw them away – not any more!

*The fastest way to get paid within 60 days – but most often in as little as 16 days. No waiting for 7 months to get a short sale approved and flipped or a house rehabbed and sold.

*Why $500 to $20,000 up front is possible you’ll average about $7000 per deal.

*The one critical set of paperwork you must use for faster payouts.

*How to be a HERO helping Buyers who are hungry for these properties because they don't have to qualify for bank loans.  In fact they will fight over them. Not to mention the 80 million to 100 million eager buyers on the sidelines who cannot qualify for a bank loan. I’ll show you how to flip them over to the buyer for a very handsome fee.

*ONE technique that makes you money 3 different ways: You can make some cash now (between $500 to $20,000), cash flow each month (between $100 to $1,000) and then cash out down the road (between $7,000 and $40,000) without ever owning the home.

You’ll also learn the quickest, easiest step by step way to make money in real estate with no money, bad credit, and no loans for you or your buyers.

As you can see, we have a lot to cover.

Be sure to join us at 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific tonight.

You can access the presentation here:


NOTE: Make sure to refresh you page shortly after 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific. If you can’t see the presentation please refresh your browser again.

Talk soon,


P.S.  Did you know there is NO biological difference between FEAR and EXCITEMENT? The only seeming difference is YOUR perception of it.  Where have you been misplacing and misidentifying fear when it comes to earning what you’re really capable of with real estate?

Find out tonight at 9pm EST www.instantcashinfusion.com

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