Your #1 Concern From Last Week's Survey

Thanks a bunch for filling out the survey I sent out last week. It helps us plan out our trainings, webinars and events for 2012.

The top 2 investing niche's that you were most interested in were......

  • 61.5% of investors who responded say wholesaling is their favorite niche
  • 37.0% say lease options were their favorite

The main concern expressed was .....

  • "What is the #1 strategy Josh will use this year in his business?" -Brent Starts
  • "If you needed $5,000 now, what is your strategy?" -Rohnn Kostelecky

This summarizes it all.

My team and I took your ideas and concerns and put together a powerfultraining class. Once you click the link below you'll learn EXACTLY how to do this and what our #1 strategy is for 2012.

See our #1 investing strategy for 2012 here.

ICI snag it 2 for ICI emails 2.8.2012.png

Here's just a few of the survey responses that we answer in this training.....

"I'm looking for new methods or niches for my real estate investing. I am investing full time and need something new to sink my teeth in." -Tom McCutcheon

"To refocus and find my true Real Estate Niche. Must find the best strategy that works for me consistently with ease." -Pilar Wilson

"Interested in knowing what areas of real estate SREC is pursuing most and why." - John Filar

Learn what we are pursuing here.

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"Our biggest question is what investment strategy(ies) are working best for 2012." - Patty

"I would like to keep up with current trends/opportunities. I would like to know what successful people in the business are focusing on." - Brent Starts

"Teach me how to begin selling real estate without ANY prior experience or knowledge." - Wendell Akins

Learn how to sell without experience here.


"Not having to own the properties but to be the middle man." -Peter Grexa

"Need to see quick results to stay encouraged." -Davina Gardner

"What would you suggest a newbie should focus his time on when he only hasa few hours per week to devote." -David Capps

See what newbies should focus on here.


P.S. I put almost 40 hours of work into this since Thursday to get it up quickly and answer your questions. I've completely updated this for 2012 to teach you my best strategies.

Go here to watch the training. Pick a time that's best for you in the next 3 days.

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