Best Buyer List Building Software on the Planet! Bar None!

Good Monday Morning!

Hope you and your family had a fantastic weekend.

My wife Lisa Marie and I were jamming all weekend. Saturday we took our kids to "AMAZONE" which is an indoor playground and arcade with my mom and dad and my niece, Emily. Saturday night we had two of my best friends over (Jason and Lutul) with their wives and kids. Then Sunday I went to visit my uncle who is in the hospital with a weird nerve thing going on and Sunday afternoon I went to my sister in laws for my niece Vanessa's birthday. Busy weekend, just how I like it. No work! All Play!

While I was having fun and playing around all weekend my BUYERS ON FIRE account BLEW UP.

I went from having 232 Brand New Hyper Motivated Buyer Leads on Thursday night to 431 Brand New Hyper Motivated Buyer Leads on Sunday afternoon.......

AND I DIDN'T DO ANY MARKETING OVER THE WEEKEND. I'm averaging 3.56 leads per hour. Even while I sleep!

Do you want to Know EXACTLY how to build a buyers list of 3,000 new buyers in the next 30 days?

Do you want to know how to turn those leads into wholesale fees, assignment fees and commissions?

Well, I'm so excited about Buyers on Fire for my own business and I'm so convinced it will change your life and your business that I've asked the developer, John Cochran, to do a webinar with me.

On the webinar we will show you EXACTLY how I set up my account and how I'm having such massive success so quickly and how you can to.

So SET EVERYTHING ASIDE ON WEDNESDAY APRIL 18th and jump on this webinar training so you can see how to build a massive buyers list in just 5 days like I did.

I'll show you inside my account and tell you EXACTLY what I've done to blow this thing up in just 5 days.

Join John and I Wednesday April 18th at either:

2pm eastern / 1pm central / noon mountain / 11am pacific

Register Here :


At 9pm eastern / 8pm central / 7pm mountain / 6pm pacific

Register Here :

On the training I'll show you how to focus on one simple technique that makes thousands with simple "copy and paste"....

Here's what you will learn on this training class:

  1. Exactly how to build a buyers list of over 10,000 motivated buyers in under 5 months. I project I'll get 3,000 new buyer leads in my first month.
  2. The 8 step process to building a 6 figure income producing machine that only requires a couple ads on Craigslist. We give you the ads. The software does the rest.
  3. Why you'll never need a seller lead ever again and still make five figures a month!
  4. How to have everyone else (agents and investors) bring you their best deals because of your highly targeted buyers list.
  5. How you will wholesale, assign, and flip properties AND earn commissions without ever having to buy a property into your own name.
  6. The technology that automatically communicates with buyers even when you are sleeping.
  7. The email templates that get a 21% + open rate.
  8. Why you won't ever need the MLS to sell houses ever again.
  9. How to easily recruit agents and bird dogs to work for you and gather all the "paperwork" to close the deal.
  10. How to have these buyers BEGGING you to sell houses to them.
  11. How to control your market and your competition with buyers.
  12. How John's "Buyers On Fire" system completely automates the entire buyer list creation and profit extraction process.
  13. If you can copy and paste you can do this.
  14. How to make $2,000 to $15,000 sending emails to these buyers.
  15. How to have other "file getters" gathering the paperwork for you virtually.
  16. How YOU can HAVE their AUTOMATED Business so you can just plug in and go!
  17. Plus 3 Brand New BONUSES for those who enroll into Buyers On Fire on Wednesdays webinar class.
  18. And much much more.....

Join John and I Wednesday April 18th at either:

2pm eastern / 1pm central / noon mountain / 11am pacific

Register Here :


At 9pm eastern / 8pm central / 7pm mountain / 6pm pacific

Register Here :

It Only Takes One Great Idea to Change Your Life and your real estate business. This is THAT IDEA!


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