Buyers on Fire Shut Down, 8 Hr Warning

Buyers on Fire closes down in 8 hrs or less. Since you haven't enrolled yet I wanted to warn you that your software license to Byers On Fire EXPIRES in 8 hours. Go to the page now before we put up the "CLOSED" Page.



TICK...........time is running out........

Here's the link.

OR.....if you need to see the replay before you enroll go here.

Finally, you can call my office at 440-623-0531 and we will enroll you over the phone.

Everyone is killing it with this. If you decide to sit this one out you are going to kick yourself. Don't be that guy / gal again.


P.S.  The details of the MASSIVE BONUSES I PERSONALLY INCLUDED and PAYMENT PLANS we are offering are below in case you missed them.

Here's the bonuses I personally added for all new members of BUYERS ON FIRE.

*1 - 2 Personal Coaching Calls where I will personally teach you the top 7 marketing techniques to find motivated SELLERS to match up with your motivated buyers list.(value $495 each)

*2 - Free Access to Instant Cash Infusion (ICI), my #1 best Selling Home Study Course that will teach you 4 investing techniques to generate Instant Ca$h into Your Life and Your Business in 16-60 days or less.(value $495)

*3 - 2 Free tickets to my next ICI Summit where you will learn the "ICI" Techniques from me personally. (value $495)

*4 - The 3 Email templates my marketing managers blast out to get "rentals" and "expired listings"  converted into "rent to owns".(value $95 each)

*5 - The 2 Sales Scripts my sales team and agents uses to convert sellers and buyers into closed contracts, assignment fees and commissions. (value $95 each)

BUYERS ON FIRE gets my endorsement 110%. Now I've also included powerful bonuses worth over $2950 dollars.  

So do me, yourself, your real estate business and your family a favor, in all seriousness, and enroll into BUYERS ON FIRE TODAY.

Go to this link: to enroll in The Best Buyers List Software on the planet.


Watch the webinar here then enroll

You can also call my office at 440-623-0531 to speak with a customer loyalty member and enroll.

P.P.S. Here's the payment plan codes if you want to finance it over the next month or two.

Go to this link: and insert the codes below for financing.

Get Buyer's on Fire over 2 payments: $500 Now and $500 in 30 days!

Click this link then add the coupon code {BOF2PAY} to the special coupon code box.

Get Buyer's on Fire over 3 payments: $333 NOW, $333 in 30 days and $333 in 60 days!

Click this link then add the coupon code {BOF3PAY} to the special coupon code box.

Get Buyer's on Fire over 4 payments: $250 NOW, $250 in 30 days, $250 in 60 days and $250 in 90 days.

Click this link then add the coupon code {BOF4PAY} to the special coupon code box.

It doesn't matter where you stand financially. These payment plans make it a "no brainer" for you to get involved.

Do it now! Click the link for the plan that makes sense for you! Don't wait. Enroll now


Plus you get a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it without any risk at all. We take all the risk for you!






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