My Personal Battle With Pancreatic Cancer Continued: 87+ Things I’m Thankful for Today

Over the past couple days I’ve been jotting down a list of all I’m thankful for so that when today came around I could be VERY INTENTIONAL on who, what and why I was giving thanks. I didn’t want anyone or anything to go un-noticed today.

Today I encourage you to set aside 10 minutes and quickly jot down all that you are thankful for and then go to those people and tell them. Man, it will feel so good! AND if you feel so compelled post your list on my blog below this post.

And so today especially, I am thankful for…

My Savoir Jesus Christ: On November 21st 2011 you blessed me, you blessed my family, you blessed my surgeon and his steady hand, you spared me… I owe it all to you!  THANK YOU for a second chance!

My Wife Lisa Marie: The love of my life. You are my rock, and when I needed you most… you stood up, took a stand, took control and took care of me and our babies. I LOVE YOU! ALWAYS HAVE! ALWAYS WILL! THANK YOU!

My Giuliana: My beautiful first-born baby girl. My June Bug. LOVE YOU HONEY! THANK YOU for making me smile!

My Alessandra: My beautiful little wild child. My Little Sweetheart. LOVE YOU HONEY! THANK YOU for making me laugh!

My Dominic, “The Noocher”: My Hell on Wheels…..vroom vroom….. LOVE YOU BUDDY! THANK YOU for being tough as nails!

My Mom: My Personal Mentor. Thank you for being everything a mom and grandma should be. Loving, caring, protecting, understanding. THANK YOU!

My Dad: My Business Mentor. Thank you for your guidance, vision and guts to be an entrepreneur. I learn by example…your example. THANK YOU!

My Brothers, Mark and Matt and their wives Michelle and Rebecca + all the cousins Joey, Hannah, Nayla, Derek, Emily, and Jacob: My brothers and my best friends. Thank you for your friendship and support. My only wish is that we lived closer so we could hang out EVERY DAY.

My Surgeon: Dr. Matt Walsh and his staff. Thank you for your willingness to BE DARING! Without it, who knows if I’d even be writing this.

Dan Weber: My nurse on H71: Thank you for your encouragement and friendship from Nov 24th through Nov 30th 2011 at the Cleveland Clinic. You made me so comfortable and encouraged by my progress.

My Aunt Diane: Thank you for battling cancer with me. It takes two to tango with cancer and we beat it together!

My Grandma Chaszeyka, Aunt Francie, Uncle Ben, Aunt Karen, Bennie, and Sara: Thanks for the memories. The holidays, birthdays and just about every important thing in life, we’ve shared together. My life just wouldn’t be the same without sharing them with you.

My Grandma Cantwell, Grandpa Cantwell, Grandpa Chaszeyka, Aunt Jean, and Uncle Dick: My you rest in peace and always know I love you and thank you for all the fun times, the gifts, the trips, and the memories.

My Priest: Fr Estok. Thank you for your blessing in Christ over my engagement and marriage to Lisa Marie, the baptism of my three little babies and the blessing over my body when I most sick.

My Friends (who are like family): Too many to name here. Man, we’ve had some wild times together and now as we get older, we’ve realized what’s truly important in life and it doesn’t all come in a 6-pack. LOL.

My Members and Subscribers: I do it for you! Simple as that. My hope is that you achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of and my team and I help you get there. THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING MY TEAM!

My Coaching Students: Thank you for implementing what we teach to such a high level. It’s fulfilling to watch you take massive action and succeed. THANK YOU!

My Strategic Real Estate Coach TEAM: Mike Gleba, Roberdo Flanders, Derek Walkush, Remy Gareau, Angie Salisbury, Sheila Arthur, Tim Thompson, Ryan Moran, Francis Ablola, April Sinclair. THANK YOU…..It takes a team effort and there’s no one I’d rather have on my side of the field than you!

My Construction Crew: Mark Cantwell (my bro and business partner….love ya’, bro), John White, Brandon, and the crew……THANKS GUYS….Beer and pizza on me!

My Sharp Concepts Realty Agents and Team: Jerry Kayser (broker), Derek Walkush, Rob Russell, Joyce Reese, Geraldine Griffin, Mary Jo Vondra, Vito Dipierro, Rick Bevelaqua, Jenni Vinecourt, Tamie Gordon, Melanie Synk, Colleen Logue. THANKS for your hard work and ideas!

My Private Money Partners: You know who you are…..Pete, Ryan, Marie, Maria, Wes, Tim , Josh, Paul Tracey, Rob, Scott, Mike, Cathy, Mary, Diane, Lisa, Pat, Cindy, Shlomo, Mike, Brian, Brad, Brenda, Greg, Sean, Gina, THANKS for believing in me and what we can achieve together!

My Coaching Partners: John Cochran (Stud!), Scott Miller (Beast!) Thank you for your leadership!

My Affiliates: too many to count…..thank you for promoting our message!

Scott Miller: Thank you specifically for “The Big Why: 1 week, 1 year, 10 years” exercise in Vegas……because it puts EVERYTHING INTO PROPER PERSPECTIVE. My perspective in life and what’s important has never been clearer!

My Attorney: David Streeter, Esq.

My Title Company: Karen Danko, Owner of Emerald Glen Title.

And so the list goes on in my mind….I’m sure I left someone out….if I did I’m sorry, and know I’m still giving thanks for you.

Last year at this time at around 9 am I was being moved out of ICU and into a “step down floor” and I met Dan Weber, my nurse for the first time. Dan you made my Thanksgiving last year. Thank You!

And so if you feel compelled leave me a message below and let me know what you’re thankful for today. I’m sure there’s a ton!

Be Daring. Chase Your Dreams. The Time Is Now.


P.S. Over the past week or so I’ve been interviewed 4 different times by the local news about my story of cancer survival, our family story about my wife’s emergency C-section and my son’s battle to breathe. Later today our story will be featured on News Channel 3, 5 and 8 in their “THANKSGIVING SPECIAL.” Check it out if you have a chance. I think its going to be on at 11am and 6pm.

Later on in December our story will be the featured “Patient Care” piece delivered by the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Cosgrove, to all their employees worldwide. They are featuring our story to show their employees, staff, doctors, surgeons and everyone at the Cleveland Clinic just how much of an impact they have on families through the work they do.

It’s funny, back when all this was happening, Lisa and I would ask each other, “Why is this all happening to us? This is a lot to handle…why would God give this to us all at once?” Well, maybe this is why… to put it all into perspective, that things aren’t as bad as they sometimes appear. Even when things are bad and we are at the brink of being crushed by our circumstances, there are people who are there to care for us, friends who support us and family and a GOD who loves us. With their support, all things are possible.


P.P.S. If for any reason you haven’t yet heard about my story of my battle with pancreatic cancer that began about 1 year ago grab a box of Kleenex and check out these posts.


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