What do Josh & Cleveland Whiskey Have in Common? [Private Equity Case Study]

506(c) SEC General Solicitation

For those of you that are local Clevelanders like myself, maybe you caught the article in the Plain Dealer this weekend regarding Cleveland Whiskey launching a new website as a portal for accredited investors.

More and more companies are doing this. It is EXACTLY how I’ve been raising money for the past 14 months for Freeland! And, this is what you should be doing to raise funds for yourself to cover all of your real estate investments!

When the JOBS Act came out in 2012 the SEC created an entirely new type of offering. Before this, you could only market to known investors without “general solicitation” and NO internet solicitation. Now, you can market over the internet, TV, advertisements and solicitation on social media using a 506(c) exemption. Only accredited investors may invest.

To learn more about this new ruling, click here.

Recap of our Freeland Ventures Live Lending Strategy Call

Did you happen to catch the LIVE call I did last Friday, September 18 with my partner at Freeland Ventures, Glenn Lytle? If not, here’s what you missed…

We discussed the current investment market right now:

  • CD’s and fixed bonds are currently at a 1% ROI
  • Annuity rates are anywhere in the 3-4% ROI
  • Bond rates are at a shockingly low 3.85% ROI currently
  • If you catch the stock market at the right time, 8-9% ROI

Some of you know that before I started my real estate investing career, I was a financial advisor from 1997-2004, so I know a lot about investing and to be honest, I have ZERO of my personal dollars invested in the stock market. BUT I am not here to give you financial advice, because as the CEO of Freeland Ventures, I am obviously a little bias.

The ONLY thing I will say is that I encourage you to think about what assets and what investments can you easily understand? Would you prefer to invest your hard earned dollars into Option A, an unpredictable, complicated investment OR Option B, investing with Freeland Ventures where our investors are getting a 13% fixed rate in Freeland Ventures.  

If you think working with Freeland is something that interests you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to talk to myself or one of my staff members about potentially investing with us as a passive investor?
    1. If so, are you willing to create an existing relationship with us beforehand?
  • Are you a borrower with Freeland now or do you want to be a borrower in the future?
  • Are you someone who’s experienced (flipping 8-10 houses per year or more) and looking for a large line of credit? We have enhanced, high level lending programs for our advanced real estate investing clientele
  • Are you an experienced real estate investor who has multiple assets or rental property and want our term product, which is a long term rental refinance product?

Click here to fill out a very brief survey on your needs and someone from Freeland will contact you within a few days to discuss.

Freeland Acquisitions Partners

Now, I have been working with investors a lot over the years and I’ve been able to raise A LOT of money. More than I could ever use on my own, which is why a little over 14 months ago I created the Freeland Ventures Private Equity Fund I, a private equity fund, and Freeland Lending, a direct real estate lender, so that I could lend to other real estate investors and professionals I know and trust.

I can honestly say I’ve never had a private lender lose money with me. I’ve never had a private lender not get their principal back or interest that they were promised. Now that’s on my own deals.  

We get the dollars from our investors and put them into a fund that we then lend out to our certified acquisitions partners (the borrowers). We do the direct lending from Freeland Lending, located right from downtown Cleveland.

Our loans are made at 65% of the ARV to our students so they can be successful buying and flipping properties, which in turn, drives very strong returns for our funding partners and investors.

Are you ready to take a step forward to become a SERIOUS real estate investor and build your relationship with myself and my Freeland partners?

Fill out the survey and let us know.

Be Daring,


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