Do You Want to See How I Live For a Day? (Or Three)

Recently, one of my students asked me what the biggest, game-changing thing was for me in my real estate investing career. I thought about it for a while, then decided hands-down, it was my one-on-one coaching experience.

I got to actually sit down with a professional and learn the business. Your set-up for success immediately, if you really want it. That’s a lot of the reason why I created Strategic Real Estate Coach. I absolutely love being able to help students change their lives and be successful in their respective markets.

We teach the exact same blueprint that I use for my business to our students and its PROVEN time and time again to be successful.

I show you how to find the BEST deals in your market.

I show you how to get those deals FUNDED and flipped.

Check out this testimonial from one of our satisfied, successful students, Tom Freeman:

Immersion Workshop with Josh Cantwell

If you’re thinking, “Josh, I already know all this and I want more” then I may have JUST the thing for you…

How would you like to come to Cleveland, Ohio and work side-by-side with myself, my brother and other faculty members for three days?

How would you like to sit down right beside me and layout your business model so you can go back home and feel 100% confident in your plan?

How would you like to go out into the field and see actual houses that I’m currently flipping RIGHT now?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you should sign up for our Immersion Workshop that will be taking place November 17-19.

There will be no lectures in sight at this event – only time with myself and 10 lucky investors to build a property-flipping machine that’s unique to you. It’s totally hands-on and if you make the most of it, I can almost guarantee you’ll have your most successful year, yet.

You will learn what to do, what not to do and truly see what is working for me right now.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to feel scared about taking the next step and be constantly worrying that you’re making a mistake and not doing it right. This workshop will alleviate all of those fears AND send you off with complete confidence in your business plan.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click this link to go to watch a video with more information about the event and fill out the application now!

Remember, this event is only open to 10 lucky investors, so don’t wait!

Be Daring,


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