In 2016, Let's Stop Chasing the Latest Fads


I want to talk to you guys today about your real estate investing business.

Where does your business stand?

Are you just starting out and need some direction?

Or, have you flipped a few homes, but need to systemize your business so you can consistently collect your profit checks without getting too involved with the work?

Don't Chase the Latest Fads

If you're reading this, you may know my story about how I was diagnosed with and survived pancreatic cancer in November 2011. The survival rate of this type of cancer is just 6%, so when I got out of the hospital and rebuilt my health, I was dead set on only working through business models that were evergreen and I would stop chasing the latest fads in real estate.

I put together my business model and quickly realized almost nothing would need to be altered to continue flipping big profit properties regularly over and over again.

Life is short, and I have full confidence that the system I am using now will not drastically change.

My 5 Step Process

I am currently using a 5 step process that I used to flip one home and make a $40k profit, then quickly realized that if I repeat the same steps, I could do it again, again and again.

My current market is Northeast Ohio, but these simple steps can help you turn big profits in virtually any market.

1. Get Access to Funding - This step is what most real estate investors do not think about until they have found a property they are interested in. This is WRONG. You should have the funding you will need set up and ready to go FIRST. Whether you are taking a loan from us at Freeland Lending or have a private investor lined up, this should happen first.

2. Find the Best Deal - Once your funding is secure, you will realize that you won't have to do much hunting for the best deal. They will start coming to you and basically appearing on your doorstep.

3. Purchase Property & Outsource Improvements - I have said this before and it's the TRUTH - I know nothing about construction, I'm terrible at swinging a hammer. Because of this, I outsource the work to more qualified people for the job. It takes the work off my plate and makes the rehab of the property go a lot faster.

4. Property Launch - Once the property is fully rehabbed and ready to go back to the market, we will list it on the MLS and go through our extensive Task List Manager spreadsheet to make sure the property is ready for an open house.

5. Closing Checklist - In order to make sure our properties close quick and easy, we go through our closing checklist.

To take a closer look at these 5 steps and some successful case studies of mine, watch the video below:

New Year, Fresh Start

The New Year and a fresh start is just days away. Let's make a promise to each other...

No more chasing the latest fads in the real estate investing industry.

No more wasting your own time and money trying systems that don't work.

No more excuses!

Why not take and implement my proven, evergreen business system that has helped me make about $40k on each deal I flip using NONE of my own cash or credit. I have been using this system for 7 years now and you know in that time, the real estate market has changed, but guess what?

IT DIDN'T MATTER! My system works in any market, in any economic climate and it really doesn't change. Investors like me are making a killingand I want you to join me.

Check out my $40k Flips blog for more videos, case studies and educational take-aways to learn more about my fool-proof system.

Be Daring,

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