Do Real Estate Webinars or Live Workshops Achieve Faster Results


What's the difference between webinars versus live events?

Does live events or webinar get better results?

Do webinars or live workshops achieve faster implementation, action and execution?

My Live Event Experience

Back in 2003 when I started in my real estate investing career, webinars were not the primary method of consuming new real estate information. It was all about attending live seminars and workshops. My former business partner and I once got in the car and drove from Cleveland to Indianapolis to attend a Robert Allen live event.

We learned about wholesaling, software, rehabs and rentals for three days. I can honestly attribute a lot of my success in real estate over the past 12 years because I really immersed myself in that three day training. I still have five massive binders that I got from that event!

Throughout 2004 and 2005, I went to multiple other live events to get more training. I think in 2005 alone, I must have spent about $100,000 just traveling and attending these seminars. I met so many people that I'm still in touch with today and have worked with in different aspects of my career.

What Direction is Your Business Going In?

I honestly hate to travel, but I do attend a few key live events, masterminds and workshops each year. It allows me to take myself out of my businesses and really see where I stand. I get the chance to be away and think and learn new material and strategies. I get to decompress and THINK about what's next.

Every year in February I attend the Traffic and Conversion Summit put on by Digital Marketer in San Diego for four days. When I get back to Cleveland, I always feel rejuvenated and excited with a new plan for marketing.

During the Traffic and Conversion Summit, each night I go back to my room and review my notes from the day and get a chance to take a step back and really review my business. I may learn 10 new ideas and strategies. I boil it down to ONE that I will implement. Then I work on that ONE strategy until it's a reality.

What Can You Expect from the Flip & Fund Summit 5?

This week, I was spending some time with one of my key faculty members, Strategic Real Estate Coach'Head Coach, Kyle Garifo. We got on this topic and had a great conversation about the benefits of both webinars and live events.

Click here to the listen to the full episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio and see what else Kyle and I had to say about the Summit.

Kyle himself started out by going to live events, attending my webinars and paid for training and coaching. He has attended a lot of events as an attendee, then as a faculty member and now, as my Head Coach. His success is a true testament to what hard work and determination can bring.

The ONE THING that was key to Kyle's success if he took the information I taught him and he TOOK ACTION.

We touched on the subject of what attendees can expect from our Flip & Fund Summit 5 on February 19-21, why it's different than other "pitchfests and ra-ra sessions" and here's what we came up with:

This is our 5th Flip & Fund Summit that we have done in the past three years and it's full of intermediate to advanced content.

  1. This is NOT for beginners - it's full of intermediate to advanced content, so be warned!
  2.  It's not a "Rah! Rah let's get excited about real estate event" - I know all about those, they get people excited so they open their wallets quicker. That's NOT what this this...
  3. This is also not a pitch fest. There will be no outside speakers of any kind offering their products to you.
  4. It isn't going to be three days of old, outdated B.S. - this is about what's working RIGHT NOW in 2016.

A-Z Curriculum

The Flip & Fund Summit 5 is broken down into three parts, we have created an A-Z curriculum we will follow.

The first day is all about funding and private investing cirriculum. It will be wrapped up with our special guest keynote speaker, Donald Trump Jr. on how he and his family get all the funding they need for their residential, commercial and international properties.

The second day of the Summit will be spent talking about finding deals and acquisition strategies. Remember my free report, "55 Simple & Powerful Ways to Find Killer Real Estate Investments" I put out earlier this year? Guess what - that number is up to 59 now! I just learned a new method YESTERDAY from one of my students that I haven't used, yet we will be discussing.

We will wrap up with our second keynote speakers, Daniel and Melinda Wiafe of HGTV's "Flipping the Heartland" series. They flipped 12 houses in 26 weeks live on national TV!

Day three is all about cash flow, launching, repositioning houses, outsourcing improvements and scaling your business so you can grow it.

Key Takeaways

I asked Kyle for his perspective on what he thinks the key takeaways are from the Flip & Fund Summit since he has gone from attending as a student to now helping host some of the sessions.

Here's what he said:

  • The atmosphere - it's VEGAS! It's a fun and exciting
  • The Strategic Real Estate Coach staff - from customer service to operations, the staff is incredibly accommodating
  • Josh and the other hosts are NOT untouchable
  • You are surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • Everyone is from a different market and has a different story to share

Special, Limited Time Offer

If you want to immerse yourself in the real estate investing business and get great material to implement into your business, I strongly suggest you consider joining us.

There is only a limited time left on our Early Bird special - your admission is 85% off! If you were on the fence about joining, I would say it's time to hop off and make your way to Vegas.

THIS 85% OFFER ENDS DEC 15th so make sure to grab your seat TODAY!

You'll feel right at home with a group of people who are full time investors, regularly doing deals and coaching on the side. We are inside our businesses every day and who knows, maybe next year you'll be joining me on stage just like Kyle!

Be Daring,

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