“The BIG 4” spits out $80k profits in one day {Free mp3} - Real Estate Investing

Here’s my BLACK FRIDAY special discounted wiz bang deal I have for YOU.

IT’S CALLED FREE. DO YOU LIKE FREE? HOW’S THAT FOR BLACK FRIDAY. And you didn’t have to wait in line or get up at midnight or leave thanksgiving early.

You’ll really enjoy this one.

2 more of my properties FLEW off the market last week.

Check out my podcast where I give you all the dirty details.

  • 2312 IOTA
    •  SOLD in 2 weeks for $135,000
    • Purchase Plus repairs were $82,000
    • $53,000 Gross Profit.
    • We’ll make 440k after closing costs.
    • Not bad for a few hour’s work.
    • 1297 STEVE Drive
      • SOLD in less than 2 months for $135,000
      • Purchase plus repairs were $85,000
      • $50,000 gross profit
      • We’ll make $37,000 after closing costs
      • Again….not too shabby
      • Oh and both of these will sell and transfer RIGHT AT CHRISTMAS so it’s going to be a wild fun Holiday season around here my friend….
      • And when you add in the other 2 we have under contract we are about to blow the roof off of 2013.

There must be something about $135k because last Thursday we sold both of these houses for the SAME EXACT price.

How does this happen? How does a real estate investor flip 2 houses in 1 day and make $80,000? IN ONE DAY……(that real estate investor being me and my brother)

Simple actually.

We use “THE BIG 4” selling Strategies to market and unload properties quickly.

I sat down and recorded my insights on “THE BIG 4 SELLING STRATEGIES” and Today I want to give them to your FOR FREE.

Follow this link to download the Latest “real estate Investing Made Easy podcast Interview” and see exactly how to make your properties sell like HOTCAKES!!!!!!!

“THE BIG 4” are……

  1.   PRICE
  4.   TERMS

In this Real Estate Investing made Easy Podcast you’ll see how the BIG 4 sold these 2 “$40k Flips” FAST

Find it here. 


P.S. This is one of those strategies that are simple to implement and GET MASSIVE RESULTS.



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