Know How to Become a Real Estate Investor Who Banks a 5-Figure Profit in 30 Days? – Strategic Real Estate Coach

If you’ve been working hard trying to figure out how to become a real estate investor, you are now thinking, “Too good to be true.” Think again.

Whether you are just starting to learn how to become a real estate investor, have reached the stage in your business where you’ve got an inventory, are still a newbie anxious to make that first deal, or someone who’s recovering from the crash and burn experience of doing real estate investing the hard (and dangerous) way, there’s another path you may never have considered. This is a path that will take you right past all the funding, fixing, and flipping, and right to your first check. In fact, it’s a path that’s paved in gold so fine that you may never even want to branch back out into doing real estate investing like you always imagined it to be.

What’s this power-flipping path?

It involves filling an ongoing need for other real estate investors – the need for properties to buy, fix, and sell. These investors have it all – the funds are in place to make cash offers, the rehab team is ready to beautify and boost the value of purchased homes, the marketing plan for selling these homes fast is ready for deployment.

These investors have an efficient and profitable house flipping machine built – and all they need are more homes to run through the machine. You help them get more homes to flip, and you get paid.

This is an especially attractive arrangement if you’re a newbie or someone who has been having a difficult time getting your contacts turned to contracts. A buyer can provide you with the proof of funds needed to seal the deal.

Face it, funding is the most difficult part of investing. Showing a proof of funds to a seller is pretty much the same as showing off a pile of cash. It proves you have the financing to back up your offer and negotiating with cash will give you the upper hand over other investors.

It is a win-win situation when a dedicated buyer and an established real estate investor join forces. The investor may have more homes then their contractor team can handle and the buyer is looking for inventory to purchase. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

That 5-figure profit in 30 days is sounding more realistic now, isn’t it? In fact, what’s kind of mind-blowing is that if you’ve been looking into how to become a real estate investor and thinking about hiring a coach… but freaked out a little when you took a look at the price tag of any serious coaching program, you might want to give this some more thought. What would reaching your first payday so quickly do for your cash flow? What could stand in your way, if you knew the step-by-step secret for generating profits like this every month? Worth thinking about, right?

Maybe it’s time to be daring, after all.

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