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I recently sat down with SREC’s Head Coach, Kyle Garifo, to talk about experiences we’ve had with attending real estate live events and other training programs.

Looking back on it, I think in the year 2005 alone, I must have spent about $100,000 just traveling and attending these seminars. I met so many people that I'm still in touch with today and have worked with in different aspects of my career.

I asked Kyle for his perspective on what he thinks the key takeaways are from the Flip & Fund Summit since he has gone from attending as a student to now helping host some of the sessions.

Here's what he said:

  • The atmosphere - it's VEGAS! It's a fun and exciting
  • The Strategic Real Estate Coach staff - from customer service to operations, the staff is incredibly accommodating
  • Josh and the other hosts are NOT untouchable
  • You are surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • Everyone is from a different market and has a different story to share

To listen to the full podcast of Kyle and I discussing what sets the Flip & Fund Summit apart from all the other real estate investing events an why you should attend, click here.


If you haven’t checked out our podcast yet or you just started listening, let’s recap our current top 5 podcast episodes:

  1. Q&A with Kyle – In this episode, SREC’s Head Coach Kyle Garifo answers questions from students we have received through our customer service team and on our social media channels such as “How do I find good deals?”, “How do I partner with other students?” and other current market trends.
  2. Do Your Best & Outsource the Rest – Head Coach Kyle Garifo interviews Strategic Real Estate Coach Maverick Mastermind member, DK Kim. DK is an attorney and successful real estate investor in Orlando, FL. He shares his career path, the bread & butter to his business – HUD Homes and how he works exclusively with local wholesalers.
  3. SREC Classic: Former Clinical Therapist Does Deal, Makes $94,000 Using SREC Investing Systems – In this throwback episode of Strategic Real Estate Investor Radio, I interview student and now Head Coach, Kyle Garifo about leaving his job as a Clinical Therapist and starting his real estate investing business.
  4. How to Fund Your Deals – It’s the biggest question in real estate investing, one I am asked daily. It’s an important question, too because unless you get that funding, you can’t make any money in real estate investing.
  5. House Flipping Walkthrough – I go check out one of my newest investment properties for the first time and calculate the rehab cost.
    View these podcasts and more in your iTunes app or by clicking here.

View these podcasts and more in your iTunes app or by clicking here.


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Good luck! Hope to see you in Vegas...


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