Strictly Buy and Hold for Extra Cash Flow

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Strictly Buy and Hold for Extra Cash Flow

One of my investor clients that I fund a lot of deals for…Andy L…has a full time business He’s Strictly Buying and Holding Singles and Duplexes for cash flow. Now he owns about 90 units. He told us he figures he’ll stop around 200-300 or so. Here’s his model Very active doing 4-8 deals a […]

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Wholesaling Pre-habs

One of my clients that I fund a lot of deals for, Anthony, has become a master of Wholesaling Pre-habs. I fund 4-10 deals a month for him (like clockwork), and he’s getting in and out of these properties for quick profits. So I was thinking that you should get to know his system. I […]

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8 No-Fail Strategies to Find Vacant Houses

[php snippet=1] When people ask me, “What’s your favorite type of property to invest in?” my go-to response is always “Vacant homes.” Why? Well, real estate investing is all about finding the best deals so you can build a positive cash flow and long-term equity. And buying vacant properties is one of the most strategic […]

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Acquiring Deals Like a Boss

We all got into real estate investing because we want more money, right? We want more passive income. But what we really want is control. It’s not about the money, when you think about it. If you dig down deep to discover what you really want, it’s probably control... we want to be able to […]

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4 Rules of Big Profit Flips

Let's talk Property Acquisition and filling up your deal pipeline for real estate investing. The way I think of property acquisition is like a funnel. You need to put A LOT of deals into the top of your funnel and the good deals worth buying will shake out the bottom. There are many ways to […]

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6 Step Process to Find and Locate Deals

When I'm looking at a new property to buy for real estate investing, I'm typically looking at it for the first time from my computer, whether it's photos someone sent me or it's a listed on a site. I want to do as much due diligence on the it as I can before actually going […]

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5 Strategies to Crush Your Competition in Competitive Markets

For SREC coach and real estate investor Christopher Seder, the MLS in his market really started to dry up around 2011-2012. He quickly realized he needed to get creative if he wanted to stay in the real estate investing game. Where you are at in your market, it's probably the same situation. Not as many […]

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The Automated Offer Formula for Real Estate Investing

[php snippet=1]  How can a real estate investor make sure they purchase investment properties at the right price? Whether you have heard it before or not, there’s no more true statement in all of real estate investing than this: If you buy properties right then you can’t miss. The purchase price dictates whether you will […]

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Luxury Home Flipping

Most real estate investors who are looking to flip investment properties often deal with middle to lower-priced homes. The costs involved are typically more manageable and the likelihood of finding buyers is higher. It requires an in-depth and strategic understanding of the market so that investors can make profits from the transaction. Flipping a luxury […]

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Direct Mail for Inherited and Probates Lists

The real estate market is so hot right now, and properties are selling quicker and more competitively across many different markets and cities. This is one of the best times for individuals who are new or experienced in real estate investing to scoop up properties at a discounted cost and to make a significant return […]

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